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These sites are inspiring and thought-provoking.  I am suggesting them because I am registered with each one and find that easy to navigate, upload material, and of course share with others--enjoy!  Feel free to make me your first friend on any of the following sites.

1.  Shelfari - book lovers and writers

2.  Ryze - business networking for professionals

3.  Watt Pad - write stories online

4.  We Heart It - a place to display cool photos, artwork, and more.

5.  Ello - write inspiring quotes, moving poetry, etc.

6.  About.Me - create a bio and share an online business card or update your business signature.

7.  Spreaker - share audio or create podcast or radio show

8.  Reverbnation - musicians and others who like to audio record.

9.  Smashwords - site to sell or give away samples of your e-books.

10.  Scribd - site for comics, books, audiobooks, sheet music and more.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment on where you are so I can connect with you.

Nicholl McGuire


Last Minute Gift Ideas - Holiday Shopping, Bargains, Deals, Coupons, Sales

So time is of the essence and you just found out you forgot to buy a relative or friend something--uh oh!  Hope this lists helps!  Pass it on to someone else who happened to forget a favorite person too!

1.  Look in your closet and find something that is brand new or still looks good.  Is the item something your relative or friend might appreciate? 

2.  Ask a loved one do they have anything that is new they never used that you can give to someone.

3.  Search for useful items on clearance racks and shelves in stores when one has low funds.

4.  Write a letter, obtain a holiday card, or make your own and decorate it.

5.  Take a recent photograph of yourself and put in a frame.

6.  Give something away you like that you know someone in your circle really wants more than you.

7.  Write an IOU note include a service you will perform or something you wanted to get but couldn't at this time.  Place the decorated note in a gift box.

Some gift items include:

1.  Scented candles

2.  Photo frames

3.  Gift card

4.  Assorted trial sizes of useful stuff

5.  Edible treats

6.  A toy, coloring book, game, etc. for a child (be sure you look at the age and check quality).

7.  A decorative item of a favorite team, hobby, animal, etc.

8.  Flowers

9.  Fruit basket

10.  Music or video (mix tape, spoken word, slideshow, family event, etc.)

If you find this blog entry helpful, please do pass it on! Thanks!


Bored Online? Here's What You Could Be Doing

1.  Update your boring social profile pages.
2.  Disconnect from boring people in your network.
3.  Delete accounts from boring sites.
4.  Find something new on a site instead of the usual boring stuff you do.
5.  Take better photos and take down the dull ones.
6.  Write more informative, entertaining, or unique copy on your website, social media pages, etc.
7.  Avoid posting boring stuff that no one gives a care about!

Listen, Study or Meditate with Relaxing Piano Flute Music


A Lack of Education - Entertained, Dumbed Down

Systematically dumbed down to be a slave, elitists program those who don't know any better to do whatever they want to gain their money and service.  Bored, idle and not interested in reading, writing or doing much else, the unsuspecting fall into all sorts of traps.  The powers that be know exactly what they are doing.  http://share.myflare.com/Zsh6jq


A Word from the Blog Owner - Enjoy Vacations, Avoid Boredom!

I just wanted to take this moment to thank the contributors of this blog and all those who have shared their entries.  I am so glad that so many of you found this work useful.  I look forward to having an even better year and plenty more interesting ideas to kill boredom!

At this time we are welcoming any contributors who would like to be featured for their tips, school break fun, and more to address boredom related issues.  Also any individual or business who would like to purchase ad space, do make contact.

Feel free to reply to this post or contact me at nichollmcguire@gmail.com Enjoy your break!

Nicholl McGuire is the manager of this blog, a self-published author, inspirational speaker, and business owner originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been a featured guest on television and radio talk shows such as networks CBS and WPXI Channel 11.


Find Books Around the Web Share Them or Your Own

I stumbled across this easy to use website that helps book lovers and writers organize their books.  Feel free to see my page on Anobii and join. (By the way all of my work displayed on the site has long been completed, no need for contributors.)

Nicholl McGuire


Take a Long Shower, Bath - How to Know If You Have B.O.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round by Nicholl McGuire

Why let the retailers dictate when you should spend your money? Take back control and create your own Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping experiences year round! You can do this with the money-saving tips in this short read. Click here for your copy!

- Score big on your purchases by knowing when is the best time to shop for select items.
- Get relevant keywords to start your online searches for Black Friday and Cyber Monday products.
- Discover what to do should problems arise with your purchases.
- Get guidance on how to plan your shopping trip effectively.
- Read the author's personal shopping experiences.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry, Should I go to the Party?, Spiritual Poems by Nicholl, and many other books. She provides insightful spiritual wisdom on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 and is a freelance writer and content manager for numerous blogs. Feel free to check out a couple of her blogs http://laboringtoloveanabusivemate.blogspot.com and http://whenmotherscry.blogspot.com

Black Friday Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round by Nicholl McGuire


Top 6 Best Short haircuts of this autumn

If you want to have one of the best short haircuts of this autumn, read our article!  Short haircuts are on top of the world now. So if you decided to cut your hair – it is a right decision. Choose one of these six amazing haircuts and you will look wonderful.
#1 Pixie haircut
Pixie is the most popular short haircut today. It is constantly changing and developing. At this moment it tends to have longer top, allowing the owner to style it in thousand different ways.  Sweep it to the side or back, part your hair in the middle or wave it – it will look beautiful. It works best with round, oval, square and heart – shaped face types.
#2 Shaggy bob
If you don’t have much time to style our hair every day, shaggy bob is for you. You can air dry it or curl a little bit for a tedious look. Imperfection, in this case, is something good. Bob fits all face shapes. Just make it a little bit longer, if you have round face.
#3 Funky
Oval face is perfect for any hairstyles, including a short funky haircut. It is very daring and sexy hairstyle for confident women. You should be ready for attention, because it is impossible to miss such a hairstyle.
#4 Long bob or Lob
The long bob is a great cut for any face shape, but it looks better on a long face because it shows off facing bone structure. You can part it as you like and change your image every day.
#5 Bob with bangs
Bobs are great with all face shapes, especially on oval, heart and long face shapes. There is a small trick for those who have long face shape:  side-swept bangs cover a large forehead. You can also choose any texture you like.

#6 Sophisticated bob
If it seems you have a very long face, you can easily fix it. Add angles that show off a strong jaw and a little bit of layering, to create some moving to your hair.  Those six of the greatest short haircuts of this autumn for you.

Visit us here http://lerevehairsalon.com/  Check out a hairstyle sample here.

Victoria Howell


Amazon Black Friday Deals and Tips

Get electronics under $100, see here.  Get cash back savings, sign up today.  Learn more here.

Cleaning Tips and Secrets from Real, Professional Maids


NBA 2K16 | My Career | New York Knicks Big Three, Attibute Update, and S...

Record your gaming videos live on YouTube or use Twitch!  Oh yeah!


Bored with Everything? We Have All Been There

Boring routines, people, places and things (sigh).  It happens just bored with it all--what gives?  How many times do we go around and around with the same stuff, same food, same everything?  I get it, been there, done that and what I can tell you is before you start rearranging things, telling people where to go, and running away to do something wild, take a deep breath.  That's it, one slow, long deep breath.  Look around your dwelling or wherever you might be reading this and ponder for a moment, you aren't naked, hungry, in a desert with weird insects all around, and someone is standing next to you with a gun to your temple.  But hey, you just might want that kind of adventure or maybe that's a bit much and you will take boredom any day over something like that (by the way that never happened to me just an example).  In the meantime, consider doing something that will be beneficial to you.  Try something that might make additional money, enhance your health, enlighten you spiritually, and keep you out of trouble with loved ones or worse the law.

I thought of how might I break boring routines when I put this blog together years ago.  I considered what else I could be doing in the moment besides sighing about how bored I was.  I also thought about some personal decisions that I made that aided in my boredom over the years.  Unfortunately, I didn't handle bored feelings in the past well and so impulse decision-making came screaming forth and soon I stopped being bored, but I also caused myself many messes to clean up personally.

Boredom can be your best friend or your worse enemy if you don't handle the relationship with self correctly.  Before long you will find yourself wishing/hoping/waiting for you, a loved one(s) or something to change, when none will.  So focus on one or two small things that might interest you to draw you out of bored feelings.  You can scroll through this blog to help provide you with some ideas.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of many books and other creative work.  She sells useful gadgets and media online.  In addition, the wife and mother of four provides spiritual insight online and when not at home, she enjoys great times outdoors walking, shopping, and visiting cool places.


YouTubers You Can Check Out When Bored

Sometimes what is popular isn't always good, interesting, or fun.  There are many YouTubers with great content that you might not know about.  Since this blog motivates folks to do something useful with their time, let these nice people inspire you!  Some are contributors to this blog, enjoy!

Societal Awareness, Relationship and Family Tips

Lenon Honor - critical analysis documentaries, family, music, personal growth, and healing.

Big Think - explore the big ideas and core skills that define knowledge in the 21st century

Mental Health

Kati Morton - licensed marriage and family therapist

Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach

Narcissism Survivor

Wisdom, Biblical Readings and Commentary

NM Enterprise 7 - inspirational speaker sharing spiritual insight about important topics such as: relationships, business, family, and more.

SecretPlace Ministriez - ministry is led by Elder Jermaine Niamoja and specializes in exposing the enemy.

pocketsofthefuture - truth-seeker, conscious awakening

Carlos Oliveira - pastor with deliverance ministry, believer in spiritual gifts.

The Vigilant Christian - videos exposing fraternal entertainment industry and dark connections.

TRUTH SHOCK TV - you will find many videos exposing the Illuminati and the NWO, and last days biblical events.

dockidds -  End Times Prophecy & Events

Work from Home



Teen and Tween YouTubers

Dominic Kemp - student, gamer, avid soccer enthusiast, and enjoys fun times!

MrVPK6 - student, rapper, DJ born in Ohio, childhood home San Diego CA, Pennsylvania transplant.

JJ Tubb - creative kids always looking to build, invent, showcase something new and different.



Bored? Don't Expect Others to Lift You Up

I think an expectation of many individuals, who often suffer with feelings of boredom, is that they hope others will entertain them all the time.  Good luck with that!  The truth is people can grow bored with trying to be everything to everyone who feels bored. 

Sometimes singles flock to the Internet looking for companions because they are bored.  They aren't much interested in anything serious just a casual dating relationship where someone or a group of singles will suggest some things to do so that they are no longer feeling bored.  Once a person notices that he or she is often the one coming up with conversation, places to go, things to see, and so on, he or she will eventually fade out of the boring individual's life.  The bored person may or may not think he or she is the cause.

As we all know, it takes two to have a relationship not just one, and if you know by your very nature you are not an interesting person, consider working on that, because fun, exciting, creative, and intelligent types, who enjoy their lives, will one day get tired of you sooner or later.

Nicholl McGuire maintains a blog about dating and relationships here.


You Never Can Have Too Much Education - Bored? Take a Class

A lack of education has kept many people in the dark about things.  What you don't know will hurt you.  As we age, so do our minds and if we don't exercise them, we become increasingly forgetful, ignorant, and rigid about not wanting to learn anything new.  Nicholl McGuire, author of Genealogy X: What to Expect When Researching Family History, shares about a lack of education.  Click here to listen to audio.


The Truth is Boredom Might Really Mean Procrastination

A long list of things to do and an individual prefers to sit around and do nothing, bug others, or whine and complain about how bored he or she is.  Knowing full well chores need to be done, a resume might need to be written or updated, as well as other responsibilities, and yet the older or younger person cries in speech and actions, "I'm bored."

Sometimes boredom shows up in a disguise called, Procrastination.  When you notice someone looking as if he or she doesn't know what to do with his or herself, chances are the individual is avoiding doing something.  If you are that person, take a moment and interview yourself, "What have I yet to do?  What am I avoiding?  How can I be more productive with my time?" You can help someone else out too with his or her "I'm bored" issue. 

A little quiet time and conversation with self or a friend will most likely send you or that person out of bored feelings and on with getting things done today.

Have a great week!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Genealogy X: What to Expect When Researching Family History, get your copy.


One Good Example of What You Might Discover When You're Bored

This woman made a surprising discovery after cleaning her money.  See here.


Read an Old Story - Parable of the Supper - Holy Bible

Sometimes boredom occurs so that you can redirect your thinking, create a new plan, or make some life changes.  Be wise!  Parable of the Supper http://share.myflare.com/BzStSw

20 Cool Cars From The Future


Paycheck Coming Up? Bored, Why Not Plan to do a Few Things Differently?

A change of routine is sometimes needed when it comes to planning where your money will be spent.  Some people operate with no plan they just pay bills.  But if we pause and think about what to do with money, who knows, you might find that you can save money, pay off something sooner rather than later, and help someone else.

Here are 14 common expenses.  Those that don't apply, consider yourself blessed.  Think of ways to cut out some things, sell others, change favorite businesses for lower rates, and do other smart things with your money.

1.  Transportation (bus, car, taxi, trolley, share rides...)
2.  Food (healthy snacks, fruits, vegetables, less meat...)
3.  Travel (annual vacations, staycations, special events...necessary or unnecessary?)
4.  Laundry (self-serve, buy or share appliance, rent, Laundromat)
5.  Shelter (rent, own, live with someone or group rent free)
6.  Entertainment (magazines, cable, online subscription service, parties, clubs, sporting events...)
7.  Utilities (phone, Internet, lights, water, gas, sewage...)
8.  Credit Cards (high interest rates v/s. low ones, usage...)
9.  Unexpected Expenses (death, medical, education, car maintenance...)
10.  Unemployment Savings (self-explanatory at least six months of wages)
11.  Childcare (with grandparents, daycare, afterschool program, stay at home mom or dad)
12.  Insurance ( car, health, residence, life...)
13.  Clothing (yourself, family)
14.  Toiletries (discount stores, drug stores, grocery stores...who has the best prices?  Are you using coupons?)

Other household expenses like furniture, office supplies, children's toys and other things add to list.  If you don't have many of these expenses, consider the following: donations, investments, save, and spend.  You can subdivide those categories with the items you buy monthly, weekly, and daily.  Doing simple activities like this related to your money eases some of the tension and helps with creating a better plan to aid you in getting the things that you really want.  When it comes to debt, start paying off the smallest bill and then gradually pay off the others. 

Shop online?  Use these Coupons, Promo Codes and Cash Back Savings

What else are you doing with your money?  Is it necessary to spend it on certain things?  If not, cut off the holiday spending, special event planning and more.  They eat up your money--literally.  Avoid impulsive spending and leave the useless gadgets on the shelves at stores.

To your success!



Take Your Old Things and Upgrade Them

Sometimes we just get weary of looking at the same old looking things, check out what this woman did to this common household object. See here: She Gave This Boring Old Ceiling Fan A Beautiful Makeover


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Free Websites and Ideas for People who are Easily Bored

1)  Word games bored out of your mind - Fun With Words

2)  Retired? Bored Out Of My Mind - Retirement-Online.com

3)  Bored at work? Websites to entertain you 20 Fun Things To Do Online When You're Bored At Work
27 Pointless Projects To Do When You're Bored At Work

5)  BoredGames.com - Play the best Free Games

6)  20 Creative DIY Project Ideas | Bored Panda

7)  Quizzes at Bored.com

Also, search for useful things like career assessment tests.  These are helpful when learning more about yourself and whether you might be a better match for other jobs you never thought of.  Consider taking a personality test.  It is always a good idea to have some understanding as to why you think and behave like you do.

List supplied by Nicholl McGuire


Interested in Listening to a New Online Radio Station? Revolution Radio 2.0

Guitars, drums, keyboards, and more encompass much of the music played on a station with an eclectic mix of past and present music.

Drive down the freeway, wait for your bus, or study while listening to the cool sounds brought to you by Revolution Radio!  Tired of your old radio station, try something different.


30 Things To Do When You're Bored At Home


Author Nicholl McGuire Doesn't Know what Boredom Is

Always thinking, doing something different, learning something new, wife/author/poet/speaker Nicholl McGuire is rarely bored.  "I think that over the years I mastered boredom by not thinking so much about what I don't like, don't have, etc." she says.  "When you are appreciative of what you do have and tend to each thing you haven't touched in awhile, you come out of bored feelings quickly."  The mother of four says it has been a long time since she has been bored.

Nicholl, also a virtual assistant, manages this blog as well as many others.  If you are looking for something new and different to view, feel free to check out Nicholl's work on the following sites based on your interest:

Workplace Problems

When Mothers Cry

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Spiritual Wisdom

Say Goodbye to Dad - the book

Everything You Need to Know About Parents, Babies and Children

You can follow Nicholl on Twitter @nichollmcguire
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Keys to Degrees Program for Student Parents

If you are a "student parent," a person between the ages of 18-24 with one child planning to or attending college, there is a program you might be interested in to help you pursue your bachelor's degree.  Click the link:



Mix Music Online - Best Online Dj Mixers

Take a look at the cool online dj mixers.  Enjoy keeping the party going from one of these great websites.

Mix Music Online


Read a Book - Suggested Reading: Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire

If you have ever found yourself in a situation with your mother or someone else's that made you feel angry, resentful, guilty, or jealous, then you just might find Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire a worthy read.

In this non-fiction book, Nicholl shares personal experience, explains toxic situations that some mothers put their children through, as well as how to survive when dealing with these mommy manipulators.  You will find yourself thinking about whether going low contact or no contact with your mother or someone you know is a good idea.

Why be bound by someone who is emotionally and physically draining?  Why feel like you are helpless in a toxic relationship with no place to go?  Why do you feel obligated to someone just because of a title?  Get over your issues and be free! 

Learn more about the book and the author by clicking here.

Other books worth mentioning by this writer include:

When Mothers Cry
Know Your Enemy The Christian's Critic
Laboring to Love Myself
Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate
Say Goodbye to Dad
Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street (photo book, keepsake)

Bring your video games to life...NERF DIALOGUE SECRET CALL OF DUTY REAL LIFE


The Weekend is Good For Doing...

1.  Yard work
2.  Washing walls and cabinets, tidying up your residence.
3.  Organizing.
4.  Planning the following week's schedule.
5.  Having fun in the sun.
6.  Catching up with family and friends either in person or over the phone.
7.  Taking great photographs.
8.  Love-making with the spouse.
9.  Watching movies at home or elsewhere.
10.  Attending church.
11.  Going to party.
12.  Cleaning out the garage.
13.  Gardening.
14.  Looking around your property and noting everything that needs to be done like: painting, patching holes up in your driveway, fixing electrical issues, cleaning out the gutters, checking out appliances especially those making strange noises, etc.
15.  Checking your car and getting necessary work done.
16.  Studying if you are in summer school.
17.  Reading.
18.  Starting a new project.
19.  Finishing an old one.
20.  Upgrading your appearance.

Have a great weekend!  Get some things done!


Bored? Record Soccer Tutorial Videos: How to shoot a Penalty Kick with Power and Accuracy!

Before the Internet...15 Things To Do When You Feel Bored

So you're bored and can't think of anything worthwhile to do.  What do you think people did before before the Internet, cell phones, and portable games?  Following are some memory joggers for some of our mature visitors and those young ones who just don't have a clue what to do with their time.  Have some fun in the real world with real people!

1.  Get off your butt and do some chores in and around the house.
2.  Ask your neighbor if he or she needs some help with his or her chores, projects, tasks, etc.
3.  Offer to babysit.
4.  Set up a yard sale or on hot days a lemonade stand.
5.  Visit your nearby relatives.
6.  Ask some kids in the neighborhood if they want to come out and play.
7.  Do your past due homework or ask teacher for some extra credit. (This works in college too).
8.  Write letters or send cards to distant relatives.
9.  Take photos or record videos.
10.  Play board games (Some people still do this and enjoy it).
11. Call people you haven't talked to in awhile.
12.  Meet relatives or friends at a popular local restaurant or mall.
13.  Take a walk.
14.  Sit on your porch, your neighbors, on a park bench, and relax.
15.  Check out local events (sporting activities, plays, arts and crafts shows, street fairs, etc.)

Spend enough time on any electronic device and you will get a headache and become irritated. Before your eyes get weary, your head hurts, and you become frustrated when your device doesn't work right,  take some time to live amongst the living.  Keep in mind, life is too short, better value loved ones while they're still here.  Feel free to leave comments.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 


6 Things that Will Make You Feel Bored

Sometimes we bring boredom on ourselves.  We just don't enjoy life, because we settle or compromise way too much when it comes to what others desire while overriding what we truly want.  
1)  Going somewhere you really don't want to go.

People find themselves bored at events because they were never sold on the idea in the first place.  So when they don't have a good time, they look to find fault and place blame on someone or something. Save yourself both money and time and simply pass on the invites you know you will not enjoy.

2)  Talking to people you just don't like.

Ever sit in a circle with family or friends and start to feel like you don't want to be there?  Sometimes there is one or more in the group that you really wish you could connect with, but to no avail.  One spoiled apple can make the whole batch bad.  In time, you are tired of being around them all.  Choose your company wisely!  

3)  Playing games that you no longer enjoy.

When you can't afford to buy a new game, don't feel like shopping for a new one, or have some other reasons as to why you keep playing a game you are bored with, you are bringing on bored feelings. Get rid of the game and try something different to uplift your mind, body and spirit.  What are some alternatives to the game?  What are some genres you never tried?  What are some up and coming games?

4)  Thinking about stuff in your mind that has little, if anything, to do with you.

You can bore yourself silly (and others) thinking about things that are uninteresting, boring, and stupid.  Eventually what is in the mind is sure to come out the mouth.  Ponder on things that are beneficial to you and cast away others' dramas.

5)  Eating foods you know you don't enjoy.

Sitting down to a boring meal can make you feel moody afterward and hungry for something else.  A frequent unfulfilled appetite will cause you to mistreat others, gain weight and have a variety of issues, so watch eating meals that don't help your brain, body, and spirit.

6)  Going to bed when you don't feel the least bit tired.

Tossing and turning all night is useless.  Why focus on making yourself go to bed when you can fall asleep naturally if you wear yourself out before retiring?  Exercise, write, read, organize, watch a documentary, listen to music that helps relax your mind, and do other things that will assist you with your sleep.

When you repeatedly do boring things and find little enjoyment in any of them, you will find yourself battling with boredom in other areas of your life.  So cut out the things that contribute to your unhappiness and celebrate the people, things and activities that uplift you!

Nicholl McGuire



Subscribe to Dom Kemp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_1ZOVAUWB4


Bored But Don't Want to Go Out to Order Food? BringMeThat.com

If you have ever felt so bored and lazy both at the same time that you didn't want to go in the kitchen and make a meal, a service online will bring your food to you.

Operating out of New York, BringMeThat.com is a website that lists over 40,000 restaurants and growing.  Visitors browse local restaurants, order food and it is then delivered to their doorstep.  You must be 13 years and older to use the service and have a valid credit card.  There is a small fee.

BringMeThat customers are not put on hold and do not get any answering machine.  The site claims the credit card information is secure and no one sees or hears it.  If you want to learn more about the service, go to:  BringMeThat.com 


Lazy, Lost and Luck - Boredom Will Bring On All Three

Spend enough days doing nothing and you will go from being bored with all your gadgets, the people around you, and hobbies that you will become quite lazy.  Before long, you lose sight of what is needs to get accomplished each day.  You find yourself wandering around, lost and confused.  You have very little stamina, no sense of direction, and most likely are angering someone around you while stuffing your face with comfort foods.  But sooner or later, luck, as some would like to put it, will come your way.  A long period of doing nothing has a way of not only bringing on upset, but good times too, so stay strong mentally, physically and spiritually.


Routines get old when it comes to work and sometimes unemployment comes out of nowhere. It can be a good thing depending on how stressful the previous job might have been.  Boring times can help some come out of constant moodiness.  Just as one grows weary of being at home, a person can get tired of a job.  There is no challenge, leadership is a bore, workers are boring, and there just doesn't seem to be any life at the workplace.  Laziness has a way of showing up in environments like these. Then there are those moments when you don't know if you even want to work there anymore, much less stay in your career field.  After a drought period of worry, stress, and boredom, what do you know?  Changes are made and you don't find yourself so bored after all.


When one is lost in the sea of boredom, he or she isn't too happy.  The family often wonders what is going on with the individual.  Life just isn't stimulating and oftentimes the bored person is struggling internally with any number of issues.  Sometimes it is simply the aging process and all that comes with it.  Other times it is a negative mindset about the people, places and things around them.  But whatever the issue, even when one is lost, there will come a point when the individual will see the light and do some things differently.  The best thing that anyone can do when around a lost person experiencing boredom is just make life less chaotic, leave that person alone to think while suggesting some things that might get the individual back on track, but don't overdo it.  Making the transition from being bored for a quite awhile in a marriage, at a job, with a hobby, parenting, or something else is a process and takes time to fill up the time with stimulating activities.

Experiencing laziness, feeling at a lost, and hoping for a lucky event are all common with bored people.  There is no cause for alarm unless one's sulking, complaining, or spending money is causing harm, stress, etc.  If you are going through this period in your life, you will need to start forcing yourself out of this rut.  Do a lot of self-talk.  State out loud what bothers you.  Write down problems and solutions.  Most of all, avoid the temptation to want to spend most of your hard-earned money or someone else's gambling on games, fruitless business opportunities and similar things.  Consider this, there is something good just around the corner, but you will need to have the mind, body, and spirit to handle it, so get those areas in your life in shape! Don't be caught off guard and miss out on a quality life experience sleeping or sitting on the couch eating your cares away.  Also, save your money because most good things we experience in this life have a price.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7


Bored? Start a Business - 7 Things to Think About Before You Sell Online

If you are somewhat familiar with selling online, than you should have no problem starting your business.  But if you are unfamiliar with selling online.  Here is an article on Ehow that might help, click here.  This is a link to many places online you can sell items, see here.  Also, here is a resource that can help with finding a niche for your online store.

Now that you have some information to empower you to take action on your business dreams.  Consider the following tips:

1.  Don't use real name, create a business name.
2.  Get a street address from a mailing center.
3.  Don't use drop-shippers who have a history of purchasing defective merchandise.  (You can find out more about this by visiting scam business sites, Ripoffreport.com reports fraud.  Also check with Better Business Bureau).
4.  Be sure to include any restocking fees in your return policy.  (Consider using the same return policies of those you do business with especially if you dropship.  If you don't know what dropshipping is Google term).
5.  Don't reveal any personal information about yourself.  Never mix business with pleasure. 
If you have an online business, don't add additional stress to yourself by agreeing to meet offline with anyone.
6.  Not everyone is honest when in business, so be sure you have money saved up to refund customers, take product losses, handle unforeseen issues, etc.
7.  Costs are low when you ship products yourself.  Always include postal insurance.  For higher end merchandise, don't send without a return green signature card.  You can also learn about electronic signature cards here.

Nicholl McGuire, Author, Blogger, Speaker, and Virtual Assistant


Are You a Musician? Do You Write Songs?

You can create music scores online.  Here is a site worth looking into! It's called, Flat, click here.


Bored? Examine Your Finances

Take out your receipts, check your bank account, and view those on and offline purchases.  What does your spending and saving look like?  For some people who made New Year's resolutions regarding saving, spending, and investing money, they have already lost their motivation.

Get back on track by noting what you have spent money for last month such as: food, clothing, computer, entertainment, housing, donations, and more.  When you see the numbers, you just might want to cut back.  You will also learn that most of what you bought, you really didn't need and you could have saved that money for something you do.

Think about ways to do things better this month.  You might need to cut back on the random snacking, stop visiting people for awhile, and volunteering to help others.  You will also discover that you might be bored during certain times of the month which will cause you to spend more.

There are apps that can help you stay on track when it comes to setting up financial goals.  Maybe you need to start setting aside money for a purchase, a vacation, a holiday, or something else.  Check out what is available in the app store.  Also, note your goals and post where you can see them daily.

Here's an example:

Entertainment (movies, restruarants) - Last month $100. This month cut by 50%
Groceries - Last month $250 household contribution. This month add additional $50
Clothing - Last month $25 for a designer t-shirt. This month no wasteful spending.
Utilities - Last month $100 contribution.  This month, no change.
Savings - Last month $0.  This month take money saved from not going out and add here.
December vacation - Last month $20.  This month and going forward will need to add at least $75 monthly. 
Donation - Last month $5 (will need to start getting receipts for taxes). Next month no more than $20.

You get the point.  You total receipts, then note how much you spent.  You will use the totals to determine how much you will save, invest, donate, etc.  Consider using envelopes for cash or setting up separate bank accounts for your plans.  To your success!

Nicholl McGuire shares other interesting information on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 and When Mothers Cry.


What I Hate About Being Bored

Do you ever find that too many boring moments only make you feel drained, miserable and you wish for nothing but to sleep the time away?  Boredom can be an enemy when you aren't mindful that you are being idle.

1.  You forget about what you should be doing in the moment and then wish later that you had done those things.
2.  Sometimes boredom is an enemy and you find yourself procrastinating, rather than progressing.
3.  Boredom doesn't always bring the results you desire like: peace, happiness, and an answer from God.
4.  You stumble across people, places and things that get you in trouble.
5.  You find yourself falling asleep.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7


Looking for Things to Do on Valentine's Day?

Here are some things you might want to do for yourself or with a companion this Valentine's Day:

1.  Check the Internet for local movie, theater, museum, and other recreational event times.
2.  Search for the latest happenings in your local area sometimes there are seminars, trade shows, and more you don't know about.
3.  Go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Sometimes restaurants have Valentine's Day specials.  Ask what the promotions are before you go out.
4.  Download a movie for the family to watch.  Be sure you are well-stocked with snacks and beverages.
5.  Shop at a store you always wanted to visit but never had the time.  Discovering new places in your town is often interesting and fun.  You never know what you might learn or who you might meet.
6.  Be creative, search for something unique to do with family and friends.  Think: new games or devices, arts and crafts, building projects, online shopping, video creation, music, etc.
7.  Take the time to catch up on life with other singles on or offline, family and friends.  You can also use the time to pray together, and/or attend a worship service (see online).

Don't forget utilize online coupons when you can.  There are sites that offer discounts and coupons to local events and restaurants (Groupon is one of them).

If you are shopping online, stop here first and you will receive money back on your online purchases.

Also, enlist the help of relatives and friends if you are having trouble making something happen such as: short of cash, at a lost for creative ideas, need transportation, etc.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7


Bored? Make New Friends, Connect with the Creator of this Blog - Nicholl McGuire

There are many useful sites Nicholl McGuire Media has put together.  So if you are in the mood to browse, stop at one of my sites.  You will find interesting, useful and thought-provoking blogs, articles, and books.  Feel free to like, subscribe, or comment.  See the following:

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Workplace Problems

Everything You Need to Know About Babies...

Face Your Foe

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5 Things You Need to Know About Being Bored

It happens to everyone and the fact you stopped by this blog says one of two things either you are bored or curious, then again you might be both.    So what are five things you need to know about boredom that many don't give much thought to when they are bored with people, places and things?

1.  You will not get anything accomplished if your only focus is on how bored you are.  Embrace it and be grateful that you have some time to yourself.  It won't be long before your time will  not be your own again and someone or something will dictate much of it.

2.  When you are bored, you are adjusting to something new, something different.  Consider it a needed break from life routines you already mastered.  Soon it will be time to face a new challenge, are you up for it?

3.  Boredom helps with stimulating thought about the life lessons missed, the people you forgot about, and the tasks you have yet to do.  What are you doing or not doing that is making you or others feel bored?

4.  If you are often bored, ask yourself, why and what do you plan on doing about it?  This pause in your day could be an opportunity for you to fix something, tend to an issue you overlooked, or do something else.  When it comes to relationships, you will want to take a close look as to what is it about someone that makes you feel bored around them.  He or she may not be a good match for you.

5.  Too much boredom will eventually catch up to you.  Many people could have avoided much hardship had they not been busybodies, trouble-makers, ignoring signs things are getting bad, and distracted by others who were idle.  Don't get in the habit of doing nothing about your boredom issues.  If you are that bored, seek assistance from someone who might could help.  Also, check this site for interesting things people have done when they were bored.

Hold on to those moments when you come out of your boring slump, notice how you are feeling. You might recall how you got out of our boredom the next time.  Try to remain positive, times like these don't last for always!

Nicholl McGuire


Start Researching Websites that Pay You for All Sorts of Tasks, Creations

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Top 20 Best Android Apps 2015

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)

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The Most Productive Thing You Can Do When You're Bored...

Sometimes boredom can be a blessing in disguise!  The most productive thing you can do when you are bored is to question things. 

Much has been accomplished in the world when someone just simply sat back and questioned a situation, a problem, someone's reaction, a news story, an historic event, etc.  It is through that question that one also finds solutions/plans/benefits.

Let's say someone told you something that really bothered you.  You had a moment during the day to think about it.  You wondered, "Why did she tell me that?"  Then your mind begins to think of all the issues surrounding that person's dilemma.  Too stressed, worried, and busy, the person who came to you with the problem doesn't know what to do.  But your moment of boredom brought on some solutions, so you approach the person with them.  At first, she might be hesitant about what you came up with.  But after some time has passed, she just might take your advice.

When we have much on our minds, but are unable to accomplish anything due to any number of factors, it is during downtime that we can better solve problems.  Sometimes what we think is a big deal is usually not.  There are usually other ways to come up with solutions, but if we don't permit ourselves to be bored sometime, it can take much longer to find answers.

Nicholl McGuire, author of Know your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love Myself, and other books.


Nothing to Do? Organize Cables, Cords & Wires

Check out this video on helping you get organized!  No one likes struggling to find out what cord goes with what or worse having to buy yet another cord because it has been ruined due to poor organizing.  Organize Cables, Cords & Wires

Read the Bible


It's Just a Thought by John Maxwell -- Are You Bored with Life?

Bored - So I Went to My Contact List, Phone Book

Sometimes you can learn a lot simply by picking up the phone and talking to someone you haven't spoken to in awhile.  The start of a new year is a good excuse to catch up.  A simple "Happy New Year" breaks the ice and before you know it, you are discovering things about family, business, community, spirituality, and more.

I thought about those past moments I could have called some people a long time ago, but hesitated for any number of reasons.  I personally think the best time to talk to anyone is when you aren't pressed about tackling a task list or worried about others.  You don't feel overwhelmed, stressed and have people and things in the background distracting you and making noises through the phone.  Therefore, you can really enjoy your conversation with family, friends, co-workers, business and prayer partners.

Recently, I found that my perception of one person I hadn't talked to in awhile was much different than what I had originally thought.  I guess with the busyness of life I never really paid that close attention to him. 

I learned that a relative had took a big step in his life that was so great, I joked, "Jesus must be coming!"  That phone call turned into a spiritually encouraging conversation.

I utilized my "I'm bored" time, and ended up being a help to a relative that had been struggling with a technological issue after calling her.  She too was bored, but was relieved to have her problem resolved. 

Another phone call, brought relief to my poor soul that thought there was something wrong with a family member, but now feels better.  I would have still worried had I not picked up the phone.

So when one is bored and feeling good, a brief conversation with loved ones and acquaintances--while staying positive--will do you well and might bring a blessing to you.

Nicholl McGuire

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