Ready for those Boring Holiday Events?

From holiday office parties to an all day affair with the in-laws, you know you will be bored at some of these so-called fun events. So what do you do?

1. Bring your own beverages.

If you are going to be somewhere that isn't going to serve your favorite drink, bring your own.

2. Pack an overnight bag and stay at a nearby hotel.

You might find that your spouse and children will want to spend more time at a relative's house than expected. Why try to make the long drive back home, when you can make plans to stay at a nearby hotel with your honey? Just be sure, that your partner informs his or her relatives in advance so that you won't feel obligated to stay with them when they say, "Don't pay for a hotel, stay with us!"

3. Take separate cars.

Maybe you still want to make that drive back home with or without your family. Why not arrive in separate cars so that you don't have to take the family back home with you before they are ready to leave. Besides, you can have the peace and quiet you want anyway.

4. Help the host.

When you are busy doing things during a holiday event, it makes the time go faster. So offer to help serve meals, clean dishes, take the trash out, decorate or whatever else needs to be done. This is also a great way to keep from conversing with those folks you simply don't like!

5. Join the children.

The people who usually have the most fun at family events are the children. So join in on the fun when they are playing gaming systems and board games. Who says you have to sit at the table and listen to the grumblings of the old folks?

As you think of incorporating these ideas and others to keep from becoming bored out of your mind at the next holiday event, just remember you are responsible for your own fun, so if the partner doesn't agree or doesn't want to meet you halfway, you can always stay home.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, Laboring to Love Myself and When Mothers Cry.


Battling with Family, Friends, Co-workers & Foes About the Things We Believe
You may be battling with numerous issues, but don't know what to do. This article provides thought-provoking information on fighting fairly in an unfair world.
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Workplace Boredom

Boredom at the workplace can be quite destructive to the worker and there are ways of averting this problem.
The boredom might result in catastrophic consequences especially to a person who loves work, but to an idler it is never an issue. So it can result in low productivity, dwindling job satisfaction, and energy. That is why it is wise to deal with it squarely in the following ways.
For a start, you could use this extra time in between tasks to find out more about your organization by simply browsing the internet from the computers in the office.
You would benefit and make great strides in your career by learning more about the organization structures, policies, and aims and past achievements. This will also transform your view about the organization and help you to see your future with the company.
During the intervals when the work would not be so heavy, it is good also to get to know your colleagues by helping them to finish their tasks, get to know what they do and how they do it which might come in handy one day to further your career. As you pass time doing this and beating boredom; you will come out with more knowledge, energy and with a positive outlook.
Nevertheless, some workers normally tend to get bored just because there is no challenge in the tasks they are given to perform. This can be remedied by the worker making himself more useful in other areas by asking for more work to be assigned to him that poses greater challenge.
Cooperate with colleagues at work by being more of a team player rather than an individual when handling tasks. This helps to make the assignments more interesting because your colleagues will bring in fresh ideas and ways of handling the task.
Occasionally the boredom issue arises because the worker has been assigned tasks that are beyond his own scope, such that he is unable to work but passes time wondering where to start; so loses interest in it. This can be dealt with by the worker promises himself a reward with every progress he makes at the task. Rewards could take the form of getting an extra hour of sleep or buying oneself a gift after doing the work successfully.
These are the many ways that one can get rid of boredom at the work place, and it will go a long way in ensuring one enjoys work and furthering of career in the future.
By Robert Shorn
Writer and marketer


Are You Ready for What is Ahead?
God is providing warnings for those who have no time for him. God is reminding men and women of the hell on earth and the one that awaits many when they die. Will you be one of the few to allow God to catch your tears? Let's pray.
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The Pattern of 'Interest' - Why We Get Bored With Things and What to Do About It

Interests hold us; for a while. We're captivated for a time, until the new thing blows its way past us. When we're swept up in its whirlwind we're taken away, from even ourselves, effused to the new thing that excites us. And if the new thing is good for us, even better!

We've all probably heard the term, 'critical mass'. There is also the phenomenon of the 'window of opportunity,' that speaks in similar ways. Both are about a force like gravity; the amount of energy directing us one way or the other.

'Waxing' Those Life-Giving Interests

If we're grabbed by something right now - something really good for us, we can just tell - we best make the most of those windows of opportunity whilst they present, building a critical mass within our psyches, and this before it inevitably wanes. The time is now.

All things untended, wane.

Yet again, the things we build, they wax upon, over and through us; growing evermore.

It's the nature of life where we only get to pick hypertrophy or atrophy - growth or shrinkage. No 'safe' middle-ground exists.

A Modern Example

We consider the number of exercise contraptions advertised on daily television shows as an example - the 'infomercial'. Millions are sold in the moment as to the benefits - benefits their minds and hearts 'buy' - and they fork out their hard-earned to be a week later, the happy owner of this weird machine that looked so easy on TV, but they soon find in themselves is hard to use. They get up at 6 A.M. three mornings in a row as part of their self-disciplined 'assault' on getting fit.

They look in the mirror on day six and nothing seems to have changed. Guess where the exerciser ends up? In the attic, shed or storeroom, and it is destined for a garage-sale coming to a neighborhood near you! (But not before it collects its share of dust and cobwebs!) Of course, it's a familiar story for every last one of us.

And still there are those who make millions from this opportunistic trade above. (Don't get me started.)

The Role of Momentum

Where interests take us by storm, we best plan to maintain the momentum. When I did my fitness instructor's diploma over twenty years ago now we got to learn about the phenomenon of "the two's" - as I recall blearily. Survive two days (and not give up due to soreness etc) and the next challenge is maintaining a workout program after two months - the next predicted hiatus; get past that challenge, after two years we'll do it for life. The habit's in tow.

Momentum is absolutely crucial.

If we want to change we have to want it bad enough. We have to be prepared to push through the discomfort, the cold, the heat, the flies, the dust and the sultry sense of flagging disinterest which will come.
Plan for it now, and bear it continually in mind as impetus toward your Mount Everest.

Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, FSIA, RSP[Australia]) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). His blogs are at: and


Mobile Games: The Next Popular Game After Video Games And Online Games

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing industries. If you are wondering what to do while you are waiting in a queue or you are having an hour to kill, stop wasting your time, just take out your mobile phone and start playing your favourite game.In fact, some of the most popular advertising strategies which mobile phones use is the use of mobile gaming.By allowing the phone user to have more options, they are attracting new customers everyday. Apart from online games, video games and static game devices like Playstation, mobile games are the next most popular games around now.

Mobile games are now beginning to catch on with the consumers and has become the hottest attractions.You can use them to entertain yourself and you can personalize them as a fashion or personal style statement.

The popularity has grown so big that mobile operators are competing against each other by offering their subscribers loads of both free and paid games for their pleasure. Not only mobile operators, mobile phone manufacturers are also pre-programming their phones with a variety of games. The growing interest in mobile gaming is producing a lot of benefits for the mobile industry. Of all these games the cheapest and most popular is the inbuilt ones. There are several ways to develop mobile games though the most popular languages used are C++, Java and Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless platform.

You can play anything from action, puzzles, racing to sports. If you prefer playing against real opponents, you can also do that by playing java games. You can even engage in tournament play and chat with your opponents. Race around the track or the course while you're standing still. With mobile java games, you can dream wherever you are, without actually hurting anyone.

Try some of the great adventure games available for your mobile phone.You can find an infinite number of games on the internet and download them easily within seconds..These games are offered in a variety of choices by many of the best phone carriers. The fact is, just about any type of game that you are into can be found and played on your mobile phone. There are three types of games that can be on your phone. So, with the new games, the ease of getting them and playing them as well as all the latest technology, you can count on mobile gaming to be one market that just keeps expanding.

Mark Bishop is the webmaster of , a site specializing in the different genres of ringtones, including polyphonic ringtones, mobile games, mobile phone, wallpapers themes and logos…

Being Busy with Routines Bored Me!

This summer I became so busy with the children and other daily routines that I grew bored! Being busy doesn't mean that you actually enjoy what you are doing, I know I didn't.

I was busy, but I was bored with being busy. Sometimes you just need that silent time to do absolutely nothing! You know, that moment where you just want to sit and stare at the wall without being interrupted. Who knows, maybe some extraordinary thought will come to your mind.

Anyway, I decided to break up a few of those routines by not doing them so much (like running the children around everywhere I go like they don't have a father) and started to fill a few hours in my day with some mindless activities like taking surveys and organizing stuff. Here is one company I recently signed up with. I find that survey-taking can sometimes help you learn more about yourself and your likes and dislikes. See here: Paid Surveys!

Now that I am finding things that aren't so stressful to do and require little thinking, I believe I am on my way to a little more balance in my life--there's work and then there's play!

Nicholl McGuire


My Job is Boring - Here's the Solution to a Boring Job and Make More Money Too

Maybe you can recall when you had fun at your job. It was probably in the early days when you just got started. I know that is when it was exciting and fun for me. When I got my first corporate job, I had fun because I learned a ton of new things and I really felt like I was contributing my talent and skills. Yet, after years of doing the same job, it became so very boring. It all became just a routine and I wanted out.
I don't know your situation. Maybe you like your job but want something to do on the side or maybe you want to try a new career all together. Whatever the case, the following solution could provide you with fun and more income too.
Why Network Marketing Could Liven Up Your Career and Life
Before reading on, I suggest keeping an open mind. Many people immediately view network marketing as one of those "pyramid schemes" due to bad experiences, bad press, unethical companies, and so-on. There are plenty of legitimate companies with excellent product lines to consider. Not to mention those who have achieved great success by being in the industry.
Unlike typical businesses that require hundreds of thousands to start up, the investment is very low. It can range anywhere from $40 to $400 or more. These companies also provide valuable business training because unlike a regular job at a regular company, they actually want you to succeed. Your success benefits the entire time.
It's a relationship business. It's based on helping people. How fun is that? You literally build a business helping others. Finally, you create a residual income. That means, you could take off for a week or longer and not worry about your income. You could wake up at noon every day if you wanted and know that you are still earning income. You have time-freedom to do as you please whether it is hanging out on the beach or spending time with your family. That is true wealth.
You can start your network marketing business part-time while you are still employed. Start working towards escaping your boring job and create a life that will always be filled with fun.

By Eartha Haines


Be Bored No Longer!

How much can you talk about when it comes to being bored? Since creating this blog, I have realized that a person only becomes bored because he or she allows his or herself to be. There are many reasons why this happens from no longer feeling challenged with one's work to arriving to a place in a relationship that has become routine. There comes a point when one has to say, "I will not allow myself to be bored any longer!" Once this happens he or she will need to do something about his or her boredom.

I hope that those of you who have stumbled on this blog will make good use of your time! I pray that you will be immensely blessed in whatever you pursue and most of all I wish you well both mentally and physically.

This blog has come to a close and I thank you for stopping by! I have learned that when I come to a place in my own life of feeling bored, it's time to make a change hence the ending of this blog.

Nicholl McGuire

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Bored & Broke?

You may have wanted the following, but your job keeps getting in the way:
  • I want more time on my hands.
  • I want more time to spend with my family.
  • I want time to be able to reach all of the goals in my life.
  • I want to work my own hours.
  • I want to be able to work from home.
  • I want to be able to work where I want, and when I want.
  • I want financial freedom!
  • I want to make more than enough money to provide for my family.
  • I want to be able to afford to travel.
  • I want such a large amount of income that I can provide my family with anything they want, any time they want it!
  • I want an income that I can be proud of!

Don't we all! That's why so many people when they get to a place of boredom in life with no money, they start building an online portfolio of cash. Use your time wisely!

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Why Be Bored?

At times you might find that you are bored. This is not something that most people like feeling. In reality there is no reason to be bored because there are plenty of things that you can be doing.
The first thing that you should look into doing is something that is completely new. There is so much to experience in the world that you can start by doing something that is different than the normal things you do. If money is an issue, there are probably many free new things that you can get involved in.
Try to become part of new groups and clubs in your local area. With the internet it's easy to find a wide variety of sites that have clubs that are doing things in your local area. This will help you do more things and meet new people.
Go back and start doing something that you used to love. Many times there are old hobbies that haven't been done in years. Start doing one of these again and see if it's still fun.
Connect with old friends that you used to have. Surely there are more than a few that you haven't talked to in quite awhile. You might get old friendships started again and find some new activities to do together.
Pick a subject you have always wanted to learn and start learning it. With the use of the internet, it's very easy to do this at low cost.
If you are bored, you might need a break or vacation from your normal routines. If you can't afford this, try taking a day or two off and relaxing doing things that aren't too stressful.
You might be bored because you are tired of just entertaining yourself. Turn your focus outward to the issues and problems going on in your local community. Volunteer and help out so that you can be helpful to someone else's life.
Emile has been writing articles on various products and topics over the past few years.


Is it Time For Something Different?

Each day passes by and the same things seem to happen. You may wonder why things do not seem to change. Perhaps you wonder why things always seem the same. Maybe you are wishing for just a bit of something different.

But what are you doing?

If you are like many people you wake up everyday at the early light of morning. Race out the door to work. Work until 5 o'clock. Sit in traffic. Have a particular routine each evening. Then on weekends you spend your time doing chores. You have certain routines for certain days of the week.

Where is the variety?

The adage is "Variety is the spice of life." It is true. You need variety to discover new things, to expand your mind. Your mind loves new experiences. Eat something you normally would not. Listen to different radio station, even better a different genre of music. You can even do something as simple as choosing a different route to work.

Why try something different?

When you do something different, you are actually changing things in your brain. You are giving your brain different stimulus. Even with a little bit of variety or change, your ideas or perceptions of things may change.

What do you see something different?

If you drive a certain route to work, you see the same sights. Choosing a variant route may mean you still see the same sights but from another angle. You might be surprised at how things look a bit different from what you normally see.

How does your mind see things?

Your brain receives stimulus from the things you see, feel and hear. This little change up will create all new information. With the new information, you may see things differently or see where things need to be changed.

Do you want answers?

The new information may help you realize new ways to solve problems. It is surprising how often solutions to problems appear with doing something different. Perhaps something you would never have considered or maybe an answer that was staring at you but you just could not see it.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein

Variety creates changes. A minor change in what you do see or experience can create a mental change. A mental change can help you get a different results or get different answers. You may realize what you need to do to make your life that much better!

Are you in need of some motivation? Want some tips to help you succeed?

You can get daily motivational and success tips. Read powerful quotes to encourage you. MJ Schrader has a goal of "making your inner rockstar shine in your online business and life" which is reflected in her Guide Books and the 365 Online Tips.

Your future success and motivation will grow with the daily tips available at VISIT TODAY.

By MJ Schrader

Why You Should Not Go Shopping When You're Bored

I learnt a valuable lesson in life just yesterday and if saving money is a priority for you I suggest you keep reading because I am going to spill the beans on what to do when your bored and not what to do. This could just about be the most important 5 minute read you will ever have. Not meaning to sound over dramatic but being bored not only sucks, it is damn expensive.

I was at home on my day off wondering what to do when I had the idea of going to my local mall and buying my lovely wife a gift. I admit that I do not usually go off on a whim and buy her gifts, maybe once a month, but I had to get out of the house.

Up to the mall I go and start perusing the shops there when I come across a beauty shop. All ladies love to look and feel great so I thought a gift from here would be perfect. After 45 minutes of looking and feeling nervous I approached the girl there for ideas. She came back with the stock standard line of perfume. All females love perfume. I will be honest here, I love all perfume scents but I decided on getting her some red door perfume. Something about it made me weak at the knees so into my shopping bag it goes.

A little further on was a tanning shop with solariums etc and while I would not like her to expose herself to the harmful UV rays of a solarium I did invest in some lotion to give her the best fake tan. She always has to have that bronzed look so this was an ideal gift for her.

This is where it went all pear shaped. I walked past motorsports accessory shop and put my head in there for a look. I ride a motor bike and a little browsing won't hurt. Well, $125 later I walk out with the latest alpinestars gloves. I know, impulse buying at it's best but I haven't finished yet.

I am an avid camper and thought that one of those groovy coolers on wheels would be great. Another $85 escapes from the wallet and I walk out with the best cooler money can buy. I just have to convince my wife of the bargain I just got.

Here is the kicker guys. I stupidly picked up a product called Dual Action Wrinkle Freeze. It was my belief she uses such a product and after getting roped in by the sales girl, I buy this for her. Have you ever had to evade a flying box of this anti aging cream. Big mistake on my behalf.

So, moral of the story is do not go shopping when your bored but more importantly, never, ever buy your wife any wrinkle cream no matter how honest your intentions are. I have decided that it is better to review what I buy before actually purchasing.

By Craig McPherson


10 Things To Do When Bored At Work

So you're sitting in the office, bored to death as usual. Don't worry, here's a list of things you can do to put that smile back on your face. Just be careful, don't let your boss catch you!

1. Draw a picture
All you need is a pen and a paper. You can draw funny pictures of your boss or a co-worker and tape your drawings all over the office.

2. Join a forum
Find an online forum of a random topic and join it. Now do everything you can possibly think of to make everyone mad. Sounds kinda silly, I know, but still funnier than working.

3. Watch Youtube
Go to Youtube and watch some funny videos. A great time killer, indeed. To spice it up a little you can turn the volume up to max, pick some inappropriate video and then blame it on your co-worker.

4. Play Sudoku
It can be pretty fun once you get a hold of it, and it can be quite addictive actually. A good way to pass the time if you don't find anything else to do.

5. Make your work a game
Imagine that you're a CIA agent spying on your co-workers. Find out their secret plans and stop them from completing them. Make up missions that you must complete. Avoid revealing your true identity.

6. Sleep
Everyone needs to sleep. Why not do it at work? Come on, I know you're tired.

7. Play online games
To play online games is a great way to make the time fly away. Find some cool games and spend your days trying to beat your old records.

8. Workout
Do some pushups, crunches, squats or dips. If you look around you, you will find a lot of stuff that you can use to workout. For instance, you can put your feet on the table and do dips on your chair. Just make sure your chair doesn't roll away.

9. Prank your boss
Search the web for inspiration. Pranking your boss will give you a good laugh, that's for sure. Plan every prank carefully and make sure you have someone else to blame if someone suspects you.

10. Go crazy
If nothing above works and you're so bored you feel like you're about to go crazy, let it out. Go crazy. Start running around screaming while you're doing whatever crazy stuff you can think of. It will feel great for the moment.

Stephen Miller is a freelancing copywriter writing on behalf of

Boredom Can Shorten Your Life According To Research By University College London

Boredom can shorten you life, according to research carried out by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London.

The specialists from the department looked at data from 7,524 civil servants between the ages of 35 and 55 during the period between 1985 and 1988. Those civil servants who said that they were bored were nearly 40% more likely to have died by the end of the study than those who said they were not.

It was also found that there was sufficient evidence to link heart disease to boredom.

But why do some people claim that they are bored to death?

• This may be due to the work they are doing being not challenging enough. They need to find something more challenging and stimulating to do at work or else they'll really be bored to death.

• Sometimes boredom could be the result of depression. If you're depressed, you usually lose interest in what you are doing. Depression interferes with your work, social and family life.

• People have too much time on their hands. These people include retirees and wealthy people with not very much to do to keep themselves occupied.

• People with high intelligence are grouped with people with average intelligence. Take the case of a very intelligent child being in the same class as children of average intelligence. The intelligent child picks up information very quickly and is ready to move on to a new topic. They are unable to move on because the rest of the class is still learning the topic. As a result the intelligent child very quickly gets bored with lessons.

• There is a lack of change in the environment. If you've been in the same environment for too long you'll soon get bored with your surrounding.
Some people who are bored to death turn to drinking and smoking to combat their boredom. They get addicted to drinking, smoking and other drugs which are detrimental to their health.

Some of the ways to cure boredom are:

• If you find the work routine too repetitive and boring, speak to your manager and ask if the work of the department can be rotated. For example, if you work in the accounts department, one person may be dealing with the accounts receivable, another person may be dealing with accounts payable, yet another may be dealing with asset ledgers. If you're dealing with only one area of the departmental work, then it will get rather boring after a while. You may feel that you can do the tasks blindfolded. It is not challenging enough to keep you stimulated. A job rotation every 3 - 4 months will help to stimulate you and your colleagues because you look forward to doing something different when you rotate to another task within the department. The departmental workload is still done and it's good for the department as you'll be able to cover for each other during holiday period or when you or your colleague is on sick leave.

• Once you recognize the signs of depression and if you are bored as a result of it, you should ask for help and support. Speak to your family and friends and let them know what you're going through. Tell them you need their support and understanding. Don't shut them out as your depression might get worse in isolation. The signs of depression include feelings of helplessness, feeling bored with daily activities, feeling tired and physically drained, change in the sleep pattern or appetite and having problems with their concentration.

• If you have too much time on your hands, you can sign up as a volunteer worker. There are many charitable organisations looking for the services of volunteers. You'll feel great within yourself knowing your contribution has helped to make the lives of other people better.

• If you feel bored because you're not in the right learning group, make a request to get transferred to a more advance learning group. You may have been accidentally put to a beginner's class instead of an intermediate or advanced class. You may be happy and feel that the pace of this class is well within your comfort zone but the price you've to pay for this comfort is boredom.

• If you're bore with your environment, make changes to it. If you're bored with the colour of your room, change it to a different colour to please your senses. If you're bored with your surrounding, take a short break from your surrounding. Go away for a few days and visit your relative or friend in another location.
Boredom is a state of mind and should be tackled as soon as possible. The mind needs to be challenged and stimulated before you're bored to death. A change in your lifestyle can also open up new interests to keep you from being bored.

Chow Siew is a retired accountant. He is the webmaster of This site brings news, pension information and activities for the online retirement community. This is also where seniors socialize and interact with each other. He also maintains a travel portal

Why Do People Get So Bored

Why do we get so bored ? Probably we'll answer the biological call for social interaction or so that we wouldn't even bare the thought of us being "alone", "solitaire", "depressed", "sad" and "frustrated" - these feelings arise sometimes when people are bored. Imagine what technology can do to us? Even though there have been lots of technology advances, which bring to the people,fun and much to think about. But the question is still there, people still get bored,it's natural.

One reason is mentioned above for people being bored,there can be several more that can cause people to get bored.One might think himself helpless if he is not getting what his superiors are expecting him to do.Due to this he may not perform the task properly and might lose his interest and get bored. In contrast one might get the words from his authorities but he still can't overcome boredom because he is sick of doing the same task again and again.

When such stoppage point arrives in one's life and every thing is held where it was one might have to rethink where the fault lies and what should have to be corrected to get out of this bored routine. Otherwise one might stuck to this same awful routine and has nothing to do with.

By: Jest Staffel
Why do people get bored. Some solutions are provided here.


Fancy Ripped Abs in Weeks But Bored of the BS?

Now, let's be realistic here, you've probably spent a good deal of time searching the internet looking for the best way to get ripped abs in weeks. If we're being honest this probably isn't the first article you've read on the subject. And if it's not then it's likely (and not surprising) that it's not only time you've spent on the quest of ripped abs in weeks but hard earned dollars. You're not alone. The health and fitness industry generates billions of dollars a year from people like us searching for a gt fit/get thin miracle with diets, supplements and training programs and the most people come away with is disappointment.
That's why I'm writing this article.

I've done the research, tried the diets, done the exercises and spent the money so you can get ripped abs in weeks without the pain! The most important tip to being successful is fat loss.

Lose that fat.
So, the key to achieving your aims is fat loss. That may sound completely obvious but it's so often overlooked, especially as many programs get you working on your muscles straight away. Stomach muscle is layered underneath any excess fat you might be carrying so you could have the most toned stomach muscles in the world hidden by a layer of flab. Fat burning is a complex subject but when done right makes ripped abs in weeks completely possible and a whole lot more achievable.

Spend some money, but spend some money wisely
Now, for the very best expert information to get ripped abs in weeks you're going to have to part with some cash. This is essential to get the right program. It will be worth it, there's no doubt. Experts would not be experts if they weren't worth their fees. Find the program that is best for you and centres around fat loss. Then stick to it. I know that sounds obvious too but the better the program the more likely you are to be able to stick with it.

So what do I look for in a program to get ripped abs in weeks?
1. Firstly, who wrote it. Lots of people claim to be an expert in this field, few actually are. Make sure you choose a plan written by someone who has actually been there and done it. A fitness fanatic who was captain of the football team all his life isn't going to have had to struggle to get ripped abs in weeks. Look for someone who has. And can show you they have and show you they've helped other people. Look for before and after photos of other people like you, who wanted to get ripped abs in weeks.
2. Make sure the program you choose is simple. A no-brainer? You'd be surprised. Loads of complicated crunches and sit ups isn't going to get you motivated to get ripped abs in weeks.
3. Make sure it focuses on 3 things - diet, diet and diet. Ok, so we're hammering this home but diet is the most important factor in getting ripped abs in weeks. Blast off that fat and you're halfway there.
4. Make sure you understand what doesn't work so that you can concentrate on what actually does and not fall into the trap that means you don't see results and you don't follow this through.
5. Finally, stick at it, it's not easy to get ripped abs in weeks and anyone who says it is is frankly lying, but you can do it, you've just got to keep going and believe in yourself.

Good luck.
Thank you for reading my article, the most powerful fat loss system is now available on the market. 


Bored and Lonely? What to Do

Yesterday I met a friend of a friend. Jane is an intelligent, interesting woman with her own business and an adventurous nature. She travels a lot, has a positive outlook on life and enjoys learning and growing.

Imagine my surprise when she said: "I get very bored and lonely!" As a divorced middle aged woman Jane is active, busy and proactive yet she feels like that. How could that be?

She explained that where she lives in Boulder, Colorado, many close friends have left and moved to other states over the years. And Jane doesn't get out to socialise that much. Over time she has lost many good friends and not met new people to spend time with.

Busy And Frustrated

Of course Jane is not the only one. For so many of us a busy life can leave us unfulfilled and unhappy unless we have great people to spend time with. The day to day interactions at work and in our community keep us in touch with people but these conversations often lack depth and meaning.

Having someone who cares enough to listen when you have a bad day, the joy of sharing your success with good friends and the security that comes from knowing you have people you can count on - all of these factors give you the confidence to keep on going.

On the other hand success at home and at work can be shallow and lonely if we do not have people we can connect with. Do you have good friends who really listen to you? Do you have special people who call you just because they want to hear your voice?

Boredom and loneliness can cloud your day and make life a real drag if you cannot make new friends and develop deeper friendships with those people you already spend time with.

What Stops You?

Even intelligent, interesting people like Jane get to a point where they give up. They lose hope and stop trying. They get used to living a life that is empty so they stay busy and ignore the problem. This solves nothing.

In fact the situation may even get worse. Over time your confidence dealing with people can fade until it even affects the few friendships you count on for a social life. You get so used to infrequent quality time with your closest friends that staying bored and lonely seems normal.

What Can You Do?

1. Make It A Priority To Meet New People

Get involved in activities that interest you and give you enjoyment. Do if for the fun and laughs you will have and to meet new people along the way. This could mean putting time into a sport, a charity or some other activity in your community that will involve meeting a lot of people.

I have even heard of someone getting a bar job when he moved to a new city to quickly meet a lot of people. You get the point - do something you will enjoy, to meet like minded people with that common interest. This takes care of knowing what to talk about and what to do. No awkward moments wondering what these new people are all about.

Once you get used to meeting new people in new situations it gets easier and easier. You get better at reading people, you feel more comfortable and it even becomes a lot of fun. Practice, practice, practice... and what was once a lot of effort will become a high point of the week.

2. Change Your Socialising Habits

We all tend to get into a routine that is helpful when it comes to doing all that needs to be done each day however that can really limit our chances of meeting interesting new people if we never go to new places or try new activities.

Make a decision to do new things each week. Find out what is going on in your town and schedule attending a concert, signing up for a class or joining a club. Take a friend and get used to being in new places and meeting even a few new people each week.

At first it can be uncomfortable moving out of your comfort zone but as long as you are choosing to only get involved in activities you are genuinely interested in then you´re likely to enjoy yourself. Even if you only meet one interesting person to chat with its worth it. Meeting one new person with similar interests is fun, much more fun than trying to make conversation with a hundred people who do not share your interests.

Boredom and loneliness can affect anyone especially busy people because all that running around leaves little space for quality time doing what you really want to do and even less time to spend lost in conversation with people you enjoy talking to.

The solution is simple. Try new activities that interest you and meet new people on your wavelength. Make that a part of every week and you'll have much more fun and the joy of connecting with wonderful people who enjoy your company just as much as you enjoy talking to them.

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently produced a very popular free report: 10 Simple Steps to Developing Communication Confidence.


Easy Ways to Get Yourself Fired

Most people head into a new job full of vigor and enthusiasm, sure that they will never be fired. That kind of thing doesn't happen to an employee like them. Don't be too sure, there are a lot more reasons for you to be shown the door than you might think. Here are some of the most commonly made mistakes that get employees headed right back to the unemployment line.

Padding your resume - Tell the truth from the start, right on your resume. In this day and age most employers do perform background checks but if a "little white lie" does slip through and you are hired if your embellishment is discovered at a later date you can be fairly certain that you will be cleaning out your desk the same day.

Too Many Personal Calls - Most employers will tolerate the occasional personal phone call, especially if you are a working parent. Do it too often though and you are probably going to end up being able to spend as much time chatting with your BFF as you like..from home.

Too Much Web surfing - Spending hours updating your Facebook or twittering about how your day is going is a waste of your employer's time and there will be consequences when they find out about it. Even more likely to get you canned on the spot is visiting adult sites.

Tardiness - Well its only 9.03am that doesn't matter right? Perhaps not, if you only do it once in a while but if you regularly arrive at work after everyone is else is settled in to their desks or your lunch hour is usually 65 minutes then you are putting yourself in the right position to never have to worry about getting to that office on time again.

Gossip - You may have stumbled upon the juiciest piece of information about the girl in the cubicle next to yours but suppress the urge to share with your coffee klatch and keep it to yourself. People may instinctively love to hear a juicy rumor or two but no one ever wants to be fingered as the one who started it. Indulging in office gossip can quickly lose you the trust and admiration of your colleagues, including the boss who has the power to let you go.

By Mel J. E. Rivera Platinum Quality Author

For great advice for both employees and employers on all kinds of workplace issues visit


What Happens After You Get Bored With Facebook?

Before came out, it was that took the international web surfing like wildfire. Almost every person that uses the internet knows and has an account in Friendster. It lasted quite long until Facebook arrived. It was an instant converting of users, in a snap, Friendster addicts had turned Facebook-obsessed. So, the bottom line was that, there's always the "newest and the hottest" and there would be the "used-to-be-hottest" category. But then, have you asked yourself what might happen if everyone gets bored with Facebook? Here are some quirky but possible results for such happening.

- Once everyone got tired of all the games on Facebook, more of the users would find logging into the site a bit boring. They might check out about elisa kits or whatever instead, than logging into Facebook again and see nothing new.

- People might look for another social-networking site that looks new to the eyes and offers cooler and more-enjoyable features for the users. Thus, Facebook will be history, just like Friendster.

- Facebook might soon be housing all of the bugs, viruses and robots soon if their technical defense barred down because of few visitors and users.

- If a new social-networking site appeared, then Facebook might end up as a ghost site as well, just like what happened with Friendster, they might be new best friends if that happen.

We must admit that NOT everyone will grow tired of dear famous Facebook all at once, and with its extreme fame today, I bet losing interest on it will be years later...definitely not now. Who cares about what could elisa kits be if there's Facebook just a few clicks away from them? There could be some ways to save Facebook from being a ghost site, though. The Administrators could use cooler games, better features and fun interactions for users so no one would get bored. Besides, people aren't easily discouraged using a social network because it connects them with everyone, near and far. Good luck to Facebook, good luck to it and its millions of users.

By Jason K Spencer

Bored Today, Busy Tomorrow!

Some of you reading this may be bored today, but tomorrow just might get a little bit more interesting. Sometimes the day after a quiet day can get the best of us because we are ill-prepared for what is ahead. What you may consider doing while you are bored is planning for the future. Take the time to do whatever you have been putting off and try to get some things accomplished in your boredom.

Sometimes boredom can be misconstrued as laziness. We just don't want to do anything, so we tell others we are bored. A person who is a workaholic doesn't ever want to hear "bored." They are always coming up with something to do even when they should be taking a break.

Find what is interesting in all things. The boring speaker may have a nice looking wardrobe and he may offer some noteworthy tips between his "ums and ahs." The boring partner may be helpful to you when you aren't doing so well in accomplishing your dreams. The boring routines may be just what you need right now due to illness. See the unique, interesting and thought-provoking in all things.

Try taking the time out to research things that may be beneficial to you if you are in business, conduct a search for other jobs in your field, find someone who can direct you in a goal that you have been trying to pursue unsuccessfully. Whatever you do, avoid being bored. There will sometimes be those days when you are not interested in doing anything use that time to meditate or sleep.

Enjoy your boring day!

Nicholl McGuire


When Bored, Try Taking Surveys

Sometimes you don't want to do anything on the Internet but surf. However, why not make good use of your time during those down moments by taking surveys. There are many that pay anywhere from $1 to $5 for 5 to 20 minutes of your time. So if all your doing is just clicking here and there and have ran out of things to do, why not take surveys? Some will also allow you to accumulate points toward some really nice prizes while others will let you test and keep products. The following are some companies you may find interesting just click the links:



3. Take surveys and earn up to $150 an hour!! - Surve Now what's great about this is that they will give you access to a database full of the best survey companies for a small fee. This site saves time! I joined and found it very useful!

If You Feel Bored in a Relationship, then You Should Stay and Think "Why?"

After years of staying together and having done all possible things together in the relationship, you now feel a glitch is happening between you and your partner.

Well, reasons might be aplenty but what is vital here is you know that there is a problem and you are willing to fix it.

Fixing a problem would entail open mind to accept realities. Yes, if your partner has this habit of ignoring you because they busy themselves working, etc. you had better seen its coming. Yes, a hint might have been given you before but you failed to see it for whatever reason.

Now you are caught unprepared and in trouble figuring out sources of the matter. No need to wallow in pain or what, what is vital now is that you are aware of the situation and able to get the solution to the problem. Yes, making yourself the one to sort things out and get the needed fix; well, what a better way than to observe honesty and all for self-assessment.

Upon knowing the source of irritations or what between you and your partner, it is a must to iron out kinks. It is a two- way traffic where each one has to give way and then the other will have to do the same. Nothing can be done sans giving others a chance to contribute, and worse, just accepting all the blames. Nobody wants to be the one to blame in this case, each one has to open his mind and see clearly what went wrong with himself or the relationship.

Blaming could only result to making solutions difficult to come by and worse could send you both fleeing from the relationship sans the closure.

Yes, both deserves respect and have to observe maturity before other problems set in thus making the situation harder to handle.

Tact is vital to observe here and let other one be given a chance to think for himself and not just thinking about you, for a relationship to be healthy each one must be growing as an individual, free to become himself and not just a manipulated toy to function in a relationship.

Whatever the outcome of your dialogue or what, you must feel satisfied for you have done the right thing by observing honesty, sympathy, tact, etc. that would surely help fix the problem, and you two would go on to the next level or move on.

After years of staying together and having done all possible things together in the relationship, you now feel a glitch is happening between you and your partner.

Well, reasons might be aplenty but what is vital here is you know that there is a problem and you are willing to fix it.

Fixing a problem would entail open mind to accept realities. Yes, if your partner has this habit of ignoring you because they busy themselves working, etc. you had better seen its coming. Yes, a hint might have been given you before but you failed to see it for whatever reason.

Now you are caught unprepared and in trouble figuring out sources of the matter. No need to wallow in pain or what, what is vital now is that you are aware of the situation and able to get the solution to the problem. Yes, making yourself the one to sort things out and get the needed fix; well, what a better way than to observe honesty and all for self-assessment.

Upon knowing the source of irritations or what between you and your partner, it is a must to iron out kinks. It is a two- way traffic where each one has to give way and then the other will have to do the same. Nothing can be done sans giving others a chance to contribute, and worse, just accepting all the blames. Nobody wants to be the one to blame in this case, each one has to open his mind and see clearly what went wrong with himself or the relationship.

Blaming could only result to making solutions difficult to come by and worse could send you both fleeing from the relationship sans the closure.

Yes, both deserves respect and have to observe maturity before other problems set in thus making the situation harder to handle.

Tact is vital to observe here and let other one be given a chance to think for himself and not just thinking about you, for a relationship to be healthy each one must be growing as an individual, free to become himself and not just a manipulated toy to function in a relationship.

Whatever the outcome of your dialogue or what, you must feel satisfied for you have done the right thing by observing honesty, sympathy, tact, etc. that would surely help fix the problem, and you two would go on to the next level or move on.

The author is a mentor of teachers in elementary grades in the Philippines. Aside from being a grade school teacher, he is also contributing articles to magazines just to make good use of his spare time. He has joined writing contest in the past, but until now, he is dreaming of bagging an award! This is why, he is now trying his luck in this endeavor - blogging - to find his niche and somewhere, somehow find a way of publishing a book.

by Larry Icabandi Nabiong

The author is a mentor of teachers in elementary grades in the Philippines. Aside from being a grade school teacher, he is also contributing articles to magazines just to make good use of his spare time. He has joined writing contest in the past, but until now, he is dreaming of bagging an award! This is why, he is now trying his luck in this endeavor - blogging - to find his niche and somewhere, somehow find a way of publishing a book.


One Reason You are Bored Could Be that You are Single

It is very easy to become bored when you are often doing things alone. Its not that you are lonely, but then again maybe you are, you may be growing weary of the time you have to yourself. It is very easy to fall into routines. Most people go to work, come home to eat, prepare to go to bed, and do it all over again the next day. But a partner, will keep your life interesting. Whether you meet the right or wrong one, there will be plenty to talk about and do for days, weeks, even years to come and plenty to debate about too!

Maybe for some of you reading this, your boredom comes from not having anyone in your life that you can shower with love and affection. But before you invite anyone in your life, may I suggest you find out what you need to do right now to get things in order both personally and professionally before that special someone comes.

The worst thing you can do is visit one of those dating websites, start surfing around for a mate only to get someone you really like while you are still married, still living with someone, have no extra cash, aren't physically fit, or have so much crap going on in your life that you and everything around you stinks! There are plenty of books that will help you get on track just go to the following site and put in the keyword that best describes your weaknesses then buy the book, read it and do what it says so that every t and i in your life is crossed and dotted:


I can tell you from personal experience that I fell into plenty of relationships while I was dealing with boredom that I wasn't prepared for and boy do I regret those mistakes. Unlike those college exams or highschool tests we all took, at least in the real world, you can go to a book and find the answers you need then you can put them to action never needing to stay up all night and cram (that is if you choose to avoid this advice and put unecessary stress on yourself in the future.) Hope you will do the right thing during these times that you are bored!

God bless.

Nicholl McGuire is a Freelance Writer, Author, & Poet. She enjoys writing about relationships, parenting, family, business, and spiritual matters. For more of her work, visit

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