Feel Like Living on the Edge?

It doesn't mean kill yourself.

Be responsible.

When people have wild imaginings about doing all sorts of things regardless of possibly injury or even death to themselves or others, it is safe to say they are extremely bored.  If you ever feel like doing something super bizarre, crazy, or downright deadly, share your thought with a close friend. Consider seeking medical help if you're thoughts are turning into an obsession,
it could be a pending mental illness or chemical imbalance.


What Do You Want To Do With Your Life: Reasons Why We Don’t Get Things Done

Too many people have a lot of responsibilities, while others have way too much time on their hands.  Both groups have desires to accomplish tasks on personal and professional “To Do” lists. Some of these “To Do” lists include big goals such as:  Start a business, own property, visit Africa or build a community center.  Others “To Do” lists may include smaller goals such as:  I want to visit a spa, learn Spanish, or make more money.  People may have carried these lists around in their heads for weeks, maybe even years, but neither has made an attempt to get them done, why?

There is the husband who works two jobs, coaches a baseball team, runs errands for elderly parents and makes time for his significant other.  He says he would like to do a lot of things but simply doesn’t have the time.  Then there is the single mother who is taking care of three children, working part-time, volunteering for charities and running a business from home.  She says that she would like to complete some tasks, but all cost money she just doesn’t have.  When you ask both of them, “What do you want to do most with your lives?”  They may both answer, “Take a vacation.”  Converse with them a little longer and they may have about ten more things they would like to do, such as clean house, buy a new wardrobe, get the car repaired, go to the park, work-out, visit the spa, etc.  Whatever the reason, they have things they may want to get done, but haven’t made the time to do it, simply because they are too busy.

Then there is the college student who was attending full-time, but preferred to go part-time.  He has a part-time job and lives with a roommate.  He is always looking for the next best party to attend and has more free time than any of his friends.  If you ask him, “What do you want to do most with your life other than become an architect? He may say, “Buy a sports car with a convertible top and get my own place.”   He, like the other people above, would like to get personal goals done, but hasn’t thought anymore about how to achieve them.

Let’s face it we all like to listen to ourselves talk.  We like the idea that there are things we need to do in life, but we may not be driven enough to get them done.  Then later in life, we will talk as our grandparents did, “I should have done that.  I don’t know why I never bothered.”  It’s unfortunate but many people have died with regrets.  They never made their dreams reality or they failed so much at pursuing one goal that they completely ignored other possibilities that could have sufficed.

What we must do to get things done is to begin to make the necessary sacrifices in our daily living to get them done.  Jobs offer personal time and if yours doesn’t then take a day off to get what has been bothering you the most completed.  Even if you can’t get it all done on that day, at least make a plan on how you intend to complete the task it may take days, months or even years, but at least you will be working toward getting it finished.  Too often tasks don’t get completed, because people are not completely sold on what they have told themselves they want to do.  If their minds aren’t convinced to begin to make their dream a reality, then they will hide behind their daily responsibilities.  For example, if your parents were in the hospital ill, some of you would sacrifice your busy life to be with them.  If you were ill, everything in your life that you were a part of would have to continue without you, now wouldn’t it? 

Sometimes all we have to do is test ourselves on how important are our dreams, tasks or any other plans to us.    We do that by examining the personal sacrifices that we are willing to make and begin to make them. This action will determine whether or not we really want to trade a task or give up one thing we like to do in order to complete something we really don't want to do but have to.

Consider this, are we just saying what we want to do just to impress someone or because someone told us we would be good at it and we agreed?  People who are serious about making things happen in their lives will make the time to study, invest money, travel, move to their destination, break off a relationship, sell a house, or tell family members “goodbye” when they are serious about answering this question, “What do you want to do with your life?”

Nicholl McGuire is the author of What Else Can I Do on the Internet?


Bored? Create a Plan to Cut Your Expenses, Make and Save Money

You really don't want to go through the red tape of bankruptcy; the lawyer fees and the further scarred credit rating.  And, if your one to put yourself in the entrepreneurs' shoes, bankruptcy would hurt your business if everyone filed because they didn't want the hassle of paying bills.  Morally, bankruptcy is the wrong way to go, but trials and tribulations have caused you to consider this "way out."  Maybe it isn't too late to avoid bankruptcy and get out of debt in other ways.  So here are some examples to assist you with your financial burdens:

Debt consolidation/debt management programs..

There are many companies who will assist you with consolidating your debts, but you must be careful there are some scams out there too.  Most of these companies charge fees and you can no longer use your credit cards when you sign up.  Ask someone who has used a consolidation program other than a credit counseling service what there experience has been like also look up reviews when you have chosen a company.  These programs generally do not stop the interest, thus it takes longer to pay bills off. 

Cut up credit cards, particularly those high interest ones.

Forget what you heard about keeping one credit card in case of emergencies.  Most people max out the one credit card they have left; therefore they still need monies in a crunch.  Learn to save money.  Discipline yourself to take a portion of monies from each paycheck and put into a savings account.  If you can’t set aside the money, you may want to consider finding a company that will automatically deduct monies and put them into a savings account for you.

Avoid payday loans and the pawn shop.

As convenient as they are when you really need money, you also find yourself taking the money you need most to pay off a temporary fix that only leads you down a dead-end path--borrowing more money.

Stop leasing cars, televisions, computers and entertainment systems.

There has been many news shows that have shown leasing companies charging more for products than what they are worth.  They do this by allowing you to pay a very low monthly fee to own products such as a living room set.  It is more sensible to save for the item that you need, rather than paying a company monthly and risk being charged additional fees when you are late.  In some cases, customers have found they don’t need the furniture and will send it back to the company after paying on it for some time.  Now they have wasted money, because the company will not allow them to take the money they paid for one item and transfer those payments on something else.

Forget balancing your checkbook.

If you find yourself often bouncing checks, the best way to begin a new habit is to break an old one.  Don’t bother writing checks (and yes there are those who still do); instead use money orders or pay cash.  This way you have the money in hand and will not have to be concerned with the worry of wondering when someone will cash your check.

Avoid unnecessary insurance plans.

Are you transitioning a lot between jobs, living arrangements and have other personal changes?   Then you don’t need to spend money on insurance plans until you are more stable in your life.  Otherwise, you will find yourself making commitments, then breaking them and eventually losing money.  Get stable in your life first.  Then consider a whole life insurance plan that you can borrow money from in the future if you are ever in a financial crisis.  If you know you will be settling down in one location for a period of time, then consider renter’s insurance only when you financially stable again.

Manage money with finance software, app.

Sometimes people do well when they are in complete control of their finances.  Consider purchasing a software program that will alert you to when bills are due, assist you with managing your bills, and help you with savings.

Don't convince your child to go to college if you can't afford to help him or her.  

Too many parents are not able to assist their children with college expenses and as a result many children are in debt before they graduate and can’t keep up with the student loans.  Instead, explain to the potential college student that the loan he or she takes out for school must be paid back.   Be honest with your child about your money troubles, so that they aren’t anticipating your financial assistance.  If the student plans on studying something such as acting, and the future salary attained is not the equivalent of what the loan is worth in the future, he or she may want to consider another career.

Avoid eating out at restaurants. 

If you must go out to eat, research which ones are the least expensive and use coupons whenever possible.  Sign up for discount programs that the restaurant offers.

Search for cheaper gasoline service stations. 

Pay attention to special rates.  Avoid gasoline credit cards--they have very high interest rates.

Break from the holiday hustle and bustle. 

There is no rule that says you have to buy someone something every year or celebrate a money-draining holiday with family and friends.  Take a break from the holidays and when you are ready to start celebrating again, develop a spending plan.  You can set up and account or create an envelop system where you deposit a percentage of money out of each paycheck to go toward gifts, food, décor, travel expenses, etc.  Avoid the temptation to buy gifts for people who have everything, sometimes doing something simple is better such as buying a gift card and putting money on it.  You can also avoid feeling obligated to buy for family and friends by staying home for the holidays.

Temporarily disable cable, use alternative services.

Avid movie watchers will want to take out their calculators on this one if you are spending much on movie theater visits, cable TV or satellite and online movie rentals. 

Cancel all membership to music and book clubs. 

Make the time to read and listen to what you already have.  If you must have a certain artist or author, shop around for the cheapest price via used book stores online or offline.

Utilize your existing job to increase your wages.

Offer to work additional hours, ask for more responsibilities, and request to be placed on projects to get your manager’s attention.  When you make efforts like these, you will put yourself in a position to make more money.

Get a second job part-time, check for additional ways to make money 

This will put you on the fast track to achieving your goals as long as you plan to use the extra money for your intended goals.  From cash-back savings programs to online selling, do what you can legally and morally to gain money.

Advice for parents:  Stop buying for your 16 year old!  

Tell your child to get a job.  Offer to help him or her look for work and go with the child to the location that might be of assistance like a work based learning program for starters.  If you stop buying, they will start working. 

Make a plan for your existing finances and unexpected ones before you spend it

Each time you receive money you know what bills are due and what money you will need to pay for groceries, transportation, childcare, lunch, etc.  With a plan, you will know exactly how much money you can spend on each responsibility on your list.  You will also know how to best curb your finances in the short term and how to better save in the long term.

Use every opportunity to save money

Coupons, store points, product offers, sales, etc.  There are plenty of opportunities to save money.  Use them!  When you know you buy a lot of a certain product each month, then buy it in bulk when it’s on sale.  Go to stores that double coupons or provide bargains to consumers for visiting.  Don’t waste time shopping at stores that rarely have “real” sales.  You will know how “real” those sales are when you comparison-shop.  Find similar stores offering the same items and see how their prices compare with the others. 

Brainstorm for more ways to cut expenses, make and save money.  You will start to feel better about your situation when you are proactive about changing it. To your success!    


How To Know College Isn’t For You - 7 Not-So College Student Types

It seemed like a good idea in the beginning, to attend a four-year university and major in a career field that will hopefully bring in some great money one day.  However, all that changed when present struggles called for immediate financial attention and college, at least for now, would have to be put on the back burner. This is a reality for many recent high school graduates either about to attend college or recently signed up but now have to reconsider.

Students are wondering where are they going to get the money next semester to attend since parents or guardians are unwilling to help or lack resources. How are they going to finance their books and what can they do to start paying the interest on those student loans that are already showing up in their mailboxes before they are even near graduation?

As the walls seem to close in around them, they will have to reach a decision on whether to continue or to leave.  The following information, broken down by personality type, may help someone out there who is in need of an answer on whether to stay or go.

The Transfer Student

You have transferred from one institution to another in less than two years time and you are still unsatisfied with the institution you now attend.  You may have done this because you felt pressure from those around you to stay in college when you rather pursue other interests.  You will need to take the time to think real hard whether or not you are attending college for you or everyone else.  Don’t continue to do something that you know you aren’t passionate about.  You may desire to attend a two-year community college, trade school, or attend college online.  Consider how much it is costing you in student loans, because you aren’t completely satisfied with your decision, once you know what you want make the move.  You will be ridiculed and criticized for your actions by some family members and friends, don’t take anything anyone says personally because they most likely will not be around to help you pay the debt you already accumulated in your name.

The “I Can’t Decide on a Major” Student

Whether you have been attending college for a short or long time, you went into college wondering what you would like to study and still you haven’t reached a decision.  You have changed your major so much that no one really knows what you are doing.  Now is the time, to consider taking a semester off and really taking that time to either decide what you’re passionate about or find something else to do.  If you have someone else paying for college, it is best not to waste their money but not having an idea what exactly you want to do with your life.  When you are in the position where you have to pay for your college on your own, you will be amazed at how dedicated you will be to your major and you will not waste your own money or time jumping from one major to the next.

The Party Student

You make more time to party then to study.  When everyone else is studying, you are planning for the next party to create, attend or invite someone to.  You aren’t really interested in the education; instead, you are more focus on the overwhelming opportunities to socialize.  Since that is your specialty why not make some money off of the people you know.  Utilize your opportunities to network to grow a business.  Many students have started businesses in college later they dropped out to pursue their passion.  Do the best you can to at least stay in college long enough to begin a business; however, if you feel you aren’t that disciplined to even try, why continue to stay?  Leave and get a job until you are ready to settle down.

The Lazy Student

Don’t feel like studying, joining an organization, attending an event, volunteering or doing anything else other than sleeping, eating and dating?  You will need to evaluate what your reasons are for attending.  Have you bothered to see what else the college is offering you to motivate you?  Go to the student activities office for a calendar of events, read the student newspaper, and take the time to read the campus fliers, you will be surprised what is out there to enhance your college experience.  Otherwise, if you don’t you will find yourself dropping out without giving yourself the chance to take advantage of opportunity given to you.

The Pregnant Student

You recently found out that you are pregnant.  You may have considered that the best thing for you and your unborn child is to leave.  For some mothers that is not the best choice and you may be one of them.  Although it will take a lot of dedication and hard work to stay in college through all of your symptoms, you can do it!  Some women are strong-minded enough to handle schooling and pregnancy.  If you don’t have any health issues, doing exceptionally well and have a support system around you, think about seriously staying at least until your water breaks.  The last thing you would want to do is jump ship early and later regret your decision. 

The Financially Broke Student

You have done everything to pay for college and have been attending part-time for a long time just because t was easier to handle the costs and keep a job.  However, the bills are coming in faster then the money and you are in danger of getting a negative credit rating, these are sign that you might want to stop going at least temporary or find some other way to get your career goals accomplished.  You may have done everything you possibly could, applied for grants and scholarships, took put loans, received a paid internship, asked family for money, got a job, and joined a college work study and you still keep coming short every semester, it is time to let go.  In addition, you may be experiencing hair loss, fatigue and many other symptoms as a result of all the stress -- nothing is worth all of this pain and anxiety.  If you can’t resolve your issues and you have a faith, go to God with your prayers and end the nightmare.  Take the skills that you do have and start looking for a job.  Many people have made the equivalent if not more than college students in various career fields.  Why not get out there and start looking before your friends graduate?  You will at least have your foot in the door before they come out and have more hands-on experience.  Not only that, some employers don’t want to pay as much to a college student and would rather hire someone they could train and offer a lesser pay.

The Burned Out Student

You bit off more than you can chew from the day you stepped on campus your freshman year.  You have always been an overachiever, but now you have come to a place in your life where you are just not happy.  The burdens you are carrying in your personal and professional life have come overwhelming.  It is time to make a decision on whether or not you can keep this up.  You have more doctors’ visits then anyone you know and you are becoming very difficult to be around.  There are enough signs around you that say, “This season of your life is over there is something better than this out there for you!”  You will have to seriously consider if you are still passionate about what you set out to achieve or have you grown since you were 18 and have decided that maybe you prefer a simpler life, less career and money driven.  There is nothing wrong with desiring one day to become a wife or husband and to have children.  There are a variety of ways to become financially stable and seek those interests.  Before, you find yourself hospitalized or diagnosed with something that may cause your body harm due to all the stress, leave.  You can always go back on your own time, not on the time of others.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of What Else Can I Do on the Internet?


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