Kill Boredom: Go Window Shopping

The useful things you might find when you just window shop--another good idea to kill boredom.  Sometimes we overlook doing simple things when we stay at home.  Look around your environment for a moment, what is it that you still need?  Now take a stroll to a few stores and price the item while seeking out alternatives.  The money you might save while killing boredom is a great way to spend your time.

Sometimes you discover new items recently released that you would have otherwise not known about.  You also get a good idea on how much money you will need to save to get the desired thing.  While you are out, take a moment to talk to sales representatives who might know of future things you might need coming out, discounts, and upcoming sales.

Who says you need money to even walk into a store?  Don't bother buying right away just obtain information--it's still free.

Nicholl McGuire 


Money Blues? Look around the web for ways to make money.

Sometimes people have things to do when they think they have nothing to do.  If money is an issue, why not use idle time to make everything from change to dollar bills.  There are sites around the web that will give money for doing small Internet tasks and others that will pay you for using their sites and telling others.  The following is a list of some useful websites.

Beacon Live
Crowd Source
Amazon Mturk
Survey Savvy
Sponsored Tweets
West at Home
Amazon Jobs:*&jobSearchKeywords=work%20at%20home&location=*&page=1
Fancy Hands
Buddy TV
Dog Vacay
Nex Rep
Leap Force
Opinion Outpost
Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Check weekly job section here
Interested in blogging?  See here: "How to Make Money Blogging Everyday for Full time Income 


Bored? What does the Bible say about being idle?

Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to.

1 Timothy 5:13 (NIV)

Yet we hear that some of you are living idle lives, refusing to work and meddling in other people's business.

2 Thessalonians 3:11 (NLT)

Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks.

Ecclesiastes 10:18 (NIV)

About five in the afternoon he went out and found still others standing around. He asked them, 'Why have you been standing here all day long doing nothing?'

Matthew 20:6 (NIV)

"The good man brings out of his good treasure what is good; and the evil man brings out of his evil treasure what is evil. "But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment.

Matthew 12:35-36 (NIV)

Children created their version of a childhood favorite

Kids bored? Get a video camera or phone and create a movie!

❄ 5 DIY Holiday Decorations ❄


Nothing to Do? Find Out if You Are Owed Some Money

I was bored and thought about visiting a website about returning lost money to people.  Well, after putting in about 10 names of family members, I found out that two relatives had money they had yet to claim!  Make your day or someone else's, claim lost funds.

Visit this site:

Bored? Catch up on what your country's leadership is and isn't doing.


Make Plans to Attend a Local Basketball Game this Weekend

Southmoreland Scotties vs. Hempfield Spartans 8 to 10 year olds!! Pennsylvania schools.

Josh Kaufman - How to Learn Anything...Fast

How to Speak Spanish for Free

Spanish Flash Cards - 100 Common Phrases


Create Online Animation: GoAnimate Tutorial

Babysitting 101 | Tips and Guidelines for Beginners

Special Message from Blogger of

Thank you for stopping by!  After surfing the net and visiting the same old sites for months, I realized that even being on the Internet with all of its activity, you can become quite bored. 

Off-line can be worse too especially when waiting for people, awaking to an empty house, or being trapped indoors due to bad weather.  I decided to put this blog together back in 2007, to stay busy.

Over the years, I have found entertaining video and have created insightful articles about being bored.  I noticed that idleness often causes unnecessary issues particularly when living with others or working on a job.  Some people seek to find something online that makes them appear busy, so why not this blog!

Mark this in your favorites and use it to keep yourself out of trouble! 

Feel free to show support by visiting one of the sites below or checking out useful information on this site.  Thanks again for your time!

Twitter @nichollmcguire

YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic
When Mothers Cry
Laboring to Love Myself
Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate
Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street
Spiritual Poems By Nicholl


Fun and Useful Things to Do with Young Children During School Breaks

Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with things to do when you have children in your care for extended periods of time.  This video as well as blog entry provides tips.

1.  Check the Internet for local events.  Are there fairs, shows or parades happening?

2.  Consider taking them to a movie.  What child-friendly movie is playing?

3.  Stop by the library and rent movies and books.

4.  Make a list of things they would like to learn, then show YouTube videos. (Be sure to preview before showing them since many have adult content.)

5.  Look for discounts and coupons on amusement parks as well as arcades.

6.  Call family and friends who have children and brainstorm on an outing.  Museums, science centers, arts and crafts events will keep them busy.

7.  Play games with them including board games and outdoor activities.

8.  Read articles and books to them, then ask questions.

9.  Create art projects at home or experiment with new things.  Show them how to make something.s

10.  Have them help you clean and organize your home.

Nicholl McGuire shares articles and videos at Parents, Babies and Children an informative blog about mixed age groups in families.


Are You a Boring Parent/Spouse?

Active children, talkative spouse, and entertaining relatives, yet you just sit quietly, enjoying your electronic devices, and going about your business with little to say.  There are no suggestions to do anything interesting or fun coming from you.  You rarely volunteer to do anything outside of your comfort zone like attend a kid-related activity or go out on a date with your spouse. 

Sooner or later people around you are going to grow weary with all your excuse-making about "...wanting to be alone" and "...not really being in the mood to go anywhere."

Sometimes people have their share of the blues, personality issues, illnesses, and more, but when this isn't the case with you, you might as well do some things differently.  There are loved ones counting on you!  But what if you don't believe you are the least bit boring, then shall we put your self assessment to the test?

1.  Are you often doing the same thing each day and get irritated when your way is interrupted/changed?
2.  Do you find that most of your relatives and friends leave you out of activities because they know you will be unwilling to participate?  Have they even commented, "You're boring?"
3.  At times, do you feel like you could be doing other things to appease your relatives, but prefer not to just because?
4.  Is your idea of a good time is seated on your rear watching or playing an electronic device for hours?
5.  Are you at a loss for words when someone is trying to converse with you?
6.  Do you find yourself frequently making excuses not to hang out with your family members?

If so, just know that this sort of behavior is not going to be excusable as a spouse and children get older.  Save yourself from the headaches and the issues that will arise as a result of not being active or interested in your family members lives, take an interest and who knows, you just might enjoy yourself!

Keep in mind, life is too short.  Think of those who have many regrets because they just didn't bother to take up any time with the ones they love.

Nicholl McGuire


Top Fails Compilation (Stupid,Funny n Painful)

Bored Construction workers - Funny Videos

Escape Outside: Family-friendly Halloween events

Use TV Time Wisely

Use TV Time Wisely

Sometimes people just don't realize how long they sit in front of the television screen.  Before long, the day has gone by and nothing around their residence is done.  A friendly reminder to use the television wisely is needed for some individuals who are simply too bored to do anything else!  Consider how many relationships have plummeted as a result over the years, because someone in the family home thought that television was more important than spending quality time with a partner or children.  Imagine explaining that one to God one day (sigh).

Use Your Time Wisely - Organize a Protest

Teaching Children about Money: Don't Leave it Up to School Teachers

Weekend Fun - Don't be Bored this Weekend!

There are some fun things to do every weekend, but when you forget to check things like, local events in your town, movies showing and more, you miss out!  Make a point to do the following before Friday shows up each week.

1.  Put name of your town and what you would like to do in search engine.
2.  Grab a newspaper.  Check advertisements, announcements and local news for the latest happenings.
3.  Talk with friends at least a week or two in advance about what you would like to do.
4.  View Twitter.
5.  Check on Facebook and see event invites.
6.  Don't forget your professional connections both online and offline.  See bulletin board at job, scroll email, and also visit online forums.
7.  Google blogs of people from your local area.

When you take the time to plan your weekend in advance, it is so much better!  You will show up on Monday with a fun story to tell!

Nicholl McGuire


Tired of eating boring meals?

Here are a few tips you can use to spice up a boring meal and dining area!

1.  Try a new garnishment.  Do you have cheese, a variety of seasonings, ready-to-mix sauces, or something in the cabinet in a can?  Why not use it?

2.  Have you any sides?  Maybe the cook's choice just isn't to your liking.  Could you possibly go out and bring back a side that everyone can share?

3.  When is the last time you purchased a new set of dishware?  It just might be time to upgrade to something more appealing.

4.  What does the table and surroundings look like when you sit down for a meal?  Do you need to do some organizing?  New décor will definitely uplift one's spirits while eating.

5.  When was the last time you looked at a recipe book?  Sometimes we fall in routines and find ourselves eating the same things week after week.

6.  Change up your meal time.  Maybe eating with others or eating alone is a bit boring, do something different!

7.  When you have tried everything else, going out to eat is always the best way to make meal time fun again!  Watch and learn something new the next time you go out and try to emulate what you experience at home.  Check out YouTube and other places online on how to make similar restaurant meals.

Bon appetite!



5 Things You Can Do to Kill Boredom While You Wait for Someone

Whether at the doctor's office, at a game, or outside in the parking lot, if you do any one of these five things, you will feel like you have accomplished something during boring times.

1.  Check your phone for old messages and delete them.
2.  Take out a piece of paper and a pen and create a "To Do" list, brainstorming list, or any other list you might find useful to accomplish tasks.
3.  Take a moment and return calls.
4.  Organize the area around you--someone just might thank you for it.  For instance, shopping cart near a car, magazines disorderly, or trash lying near your feet?
5.  Take a moment and talk to someone you don't know.  Sometimes just chatting with someone will motivate you to do better in your own life!

Nicholl McGuire also shares insightful spiritual video at YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.


Free Instagram Apps and Useful Tips

Do you have this useful app for your Iphone photos, go to Instagram?  If you already do, here are some useful things you can do.

  • Reposting a photograph - Repost for Instagram, IOS and Android app., see here.

  • How to repost on Instagram, visit this link.

  • Zoom into photos - Visit settings on Iphone, select general, then click accessibility, locate zoom setting and then turn on.

Three things you can use to grow your Instagram presence:

1.  Collecto

2.  Ink361 - view, organize and print photos.

3.  Iconosquare



Apartment Leasing Tips: All that Glitters Ain't Gold - Bad Rental Properti...

Apartment Leasing Tips: All that Glitters Ain't Gold - Bad Rental Properti...: Apartment leasing staff are typically told about a variety of issues in a rental property by the renters.  Some will address needs very quic...


Idle Time Can Create Unnecessary Drama - 4 Things You Can Do to Avoid Future Trouble

Whether home all alone or hanging out with friends, if someone claims, "I'm bored."  You just might want to do some things to avoid potential trouble. 

Most people end up with all sorts of drama in their lives, because they just don't know what to do with their free time if it isn't being dictated by someone else.  From the child with a busy parent or the spouse who has lost his job, when one has much idle time on his or her hands, he or she must do something about it and sometimes wrong decisions will be made.  So here are some things you might want to do to avoid future drama at home.

1.  Avoid inappropriate websites.  You know the ones that if someone walked in and saw what you were looking a relative or friend would freak.  List things that you can improve on and look those things up.  What have you been putting off lately?

2.  Ignore relatives and friends who you know are trouble.  The day you finally decide to go out with Loser Lonny is the day that he is going to get you to do something you know you have no business doing.  Don't fall into the temptation of riding in someone's car just because you are bored.  If you don't know where you are going or what you might doing when you get there, you are already in trouble.

3.  Say no to the offer of drugs, alcohol, sex, and whatever else that might cause a future dispute with someone close to you.  Addictions creep up on the unsuspecting because it all started with a tempting offer and before long you just can't get enough.  Avoid trouble from the start and you won't have to worry over lies told, broken hearts, and other future issues.

4.  Find something to do.  Maybe you haven't bothered to think hard enough on what you could be doing other than feeling bored.  A simple walk and some time to one's self of doing nothing will generate some thoughts on what you could be doing.  Take a pen and pad out and start jotting down some notes.  Make a To Do list.  Write how you feel about different people, places and things.  If your thoughts might be hurtful to someone else, pen them, but then shred or tear up notes afterward.  You will experience a sense of peace.

Just think of the many people who are in jail now because they allowed selfish desires of wanting to escape boredom get the best of them.

Nicholl McGuire is a blogger, author and YouTuber, you will find some spiritual insight on a variety of topics from relationships to business on her channel nmenterprise7. 


Bored Children - Move Them Away from their Screens

The longer you sit before any screen, the more likely you won't do anything you should be doing.  People who often feel bored usually procrastinate.  They don't tend to the business at hand or they are so involved with whatever is boring them to tears that they avoid doing anything else that needs to get done.

When it comes to children, the more structured their time, the better.  Well the same is true for adults.  If you know what is expected of you each day, you don't have to worry too much about being bored.  During school breaks, personal days, and vacations, I have planned my days as well as my children's and we got a lot of stuff done.  I also utilized free time to introduce them to new things instead of letting them play games all day. 

Below are a couple of my children doing something other than video game playing.  At times we can forget about the things we introduced them to, but simply reminding yourself of your schedule and posting it for all to see will get you back on track!  

Remember to limit the amount of time you permit them to learn something new so they won't get bored with the activity.  Also, be positive about it and hopefully they will appreciate what you are teaching them.

Nicholl McGuire, Author/Speaker/Writer



Showing Brother Shooting Dribbling Guarding Basketball Moves

Take your brother out and show him how to play ball rather than watch it!

Fifa 14: La Galaxy vs. Chivas U.S.A Penalty Kick Shootout!!

Record video commentary with someone while you play with them!


Super Little Heroes at War - Let the Kids Get Out and About!

Need Website Content?

The people here on this site share numerous ideas on killing boredom.  Nicholl McGuire Media can provide much content to make your site less boring too!  Feel free to send an email to: if you need articles for your site about any number of topics from fun activities to do with children to business related material.  Click around this blog to view some of Nicholl's work and check out her other services here:


Walking - Killed Boredom

I didn't think about much while I walked, not even how bored I was earlier.  I just enjoyed the bright sun in a beautiful blue sky and the wind upon my face as I strolled.  Cars, trucks and buses passed by and I continued to walk.  All I wanted this day was an opportunity to break routine and I made it possible for myself, I chose to walk. 

Prior to my journey, I had put myself in a hole of responsibilities and then all at once everything was done--no need to do anything else at least for a time.

A walk to the park, did my heart and body good even if my mind could have thought of some better things to do with my time.


Please take a moment to check out other blog entries on boredom and may answers to your life's concerns come forth through moments of boredom.


Nothing to Do?

With so much going on in a busy world filled with technological devices, it is difficult for some to fathom that one can be bored.  But it is possible.  Gifts do nothing for the soul.  A gift that breaks, can be stolen, rust, or cause headaches is not meant to fill a void within.  It is a temporary fix attempting to provide permanent solutions.

Parents who give their children much, a spouse who spoils a partner, or a grandmother who shares with her grandchildren many sweets, are drawing out a smile on one's face for the moment.  However, when one's belly is filled, heart has stopped beating fast, and the excitement has been caught in a camera, then what?  Time goes by, things get old and the desire to want more, springs fourth.  Before long one is sitting back on costly furniture wondering, what more is there to do?

The intelligent know how to take advantage of quiet times with nothing to do.  They plan, they organize, catch up on tasks once put aside, and they figure out ways to solve problems during times like these.  But those whose minds are often looking to be fed by someone or something else, have no clue what to do, so they resort to foolish activities or allow themselves to be idle just long enough to get into some kind of trouble.

Use your time wisely. 

Nicholl McGuire 

Children Find Ways to Stay Busy

Whether they are driving cars on the floor or building up a craft of some sort, children allow themselves to be free to create whatever whenever without worrying over criticism, time, and making money.  Below these children, with the aid of an involved parent, spent hours printing, cutting, gluing, and arranging images of their real life home into boxes.  They created a place for their little toy people to act in their exaggerated story-telling.  What odd thing might you come up with?



Avoid Boredom Today at Work - Here's How

You know when you feel those moments during the day when you just get seem to concentrate on too much of anything.  Then later, you find yourself bored with having to do some repetitive tasks.  You can actually cut off some of those "I'm bored" feelings before they catch up with you by doing the following things.

1.  Turn on background noise the minute you start feeling like you are getting weary of whatever you are or not doing.

2.  Take a short walk whether in or outdoors--a long walk might weary you.  The short break will keep you from falling asleep at your desk.  Then get back to whatever you need to do.

3.  Do a simple task such as: wiping something off like your computer screen or dust.  This way you don't become so bored with whatever you are doing that you don't want to complete it.  Then go back to what you were doing.

4.  Return a phone call, check email or chat with a co-worker.  Sometimes communicating with others will distract you from feelings of boredom.

These are just four ideas to get you started, check around this site for more.  Feelings of boredom can come on you quite suddenly and before long you are forgetting about what you were supposed to do.  You find yourself distracted looking at YouTube videos; instead of tending to important tasks.  If you haven't done this already, note some things you must get done today.  Then refer back to your list when you start feeling bored.  Chances are you just might remember to do something before you become very bored.

Have a great day!

Nicholl McGuire


Bored or Procrastinating?

I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say, "I'm bored."  When they really should be saying, "I'm lazy, I'm procrastinating...I don't feel like doing anything."  The truth is that there are some people who think they are bored when really they are avoiding important responsibilities.  They are watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to music, or exercising while claiming to be bored, huh? 

When one removes the "fillers" of life and sit down awhile, he or she will find that the mind is really running from the sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed, a messy room that needs to be cleaned, a job search that needs to be performed daily, a child that needs to be tended to, phone calls that need to be returned, and so on.  Those who are truly bored are the ones who have done everything they were supposed to do, and are now asking, "Now what?"  These are the people who have done all their assigned tasks, assisted others, and have done everything that they have found entertaining.  Now they sit idly wondering, "What else can I do?"

As for the procrastinators who yell, "I'm bored."  They are not, but what they are merely doing is hiding behind a false claim of boredom so as not to get some work done. 

Nicholl McGuire


Frustrated, Angry, Bitter, Resentful? Master Your Skill take it to the Next Level

Playing musical instruments provide a natural release of healthy emotions--good, bad or otherwise.   This is what one young man's skill level sounds like!  Impressive!

Watch video by clicking link here.



Love my family,
love my partner.
Love the places I go.
Love me so!

Yet, I'm bored.
Is there such a thing as being too content?
It's like have one too many presents.

Opened up everything, played with everything.
What more will life bring?

Really shouldn't complain,
afraid I might go insane.

Might have said too many times, "I'm bored."
Mayhem might temporarily be stored.

One day will wish for a boring day,
maybe it might be better to just pray.

Nicholl McGuire


Bored Housewives

With the children pretty much self-sufficient and the household is decorated, often clean and organized, what more is there really to do for the bored housewife?  She has to find something to do.

Many bored housewives become this way because they don't bother to do things that make them feel good.  Rather, they look to others and their current surroundings to rescue them from feelings of boredom, good luck.  Talking to relatives and friends get old, home upgrades are stressful and expensive, and the newness of purchases grows old quickly.  The bored housewife must find what interests her and it just might be going outside of the home to find out.

The thought of leaving the comfort of one's home may scare some, because these housewives have grown accustomed to being "kept" women.  Their husbands, mothers or possibly grandparents have encouraged them to be at home for any number of reasons. Some men don't mind partners being at home because they are insecure and jealous.  They fear that if their beautiful wives find employment, become independent, and do other things for their selves, the marriage just might be threatened.  However, if the bored housewife doesn't come out of her shell when she innately wants more out of life, the marriage will still have its share of challenges.

When one is bored, one is idle.  She may do and say things she shouldn't.  The housewife might take risks with her money and body to rid herself of bored feelings.  She might even consider leaving her family if emotions of boredom persist.  Although at times, we all can resist change, when you are bored, you find yourself being open to it.  You start thinking, "What more should I do with my life?  Where can I go to feel fulfilled?  What more do I need to do to feel content?"

If you or someone you know is a bored housewife, encourage them to utilize their talents to do more with their lives other than be at home worried about family, friends, etc.

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love Myself


Bored While Unemployed?

If one is diligently seeking employment, how can he or she be bored?  Well, it happens.  People are so accustomed to going somewhere and doing some many things for eight to 10 hours that they get bored being at home.  Here are some things you can do while being productive about your job search:

1.  Prepare a plan when it comes to job searching.  Take out a piece of paper.  Create a checklist you can use daily.  List things like:  Networking Opportunities, Job Fairs, Positions Applied for, Items needed, Classes to Take, Places to Go, etc.  include dates, times and contact information.  Make notes each day on your progress.

2.  Visit places/areas you would like to work even if you have no contact or appointment there.  You just might feel re-energized when you are touring in the community you want to work.

3.  Learn more about the companies you desire to work and check others' experiences at review sites.

4.  Interview people in your industry to learn more about latest trends.

5.  Research ideas on starting your own business.  Maybe working for others is not what you really want to do.

6.  Participate in community events such as volunteer service.

7.  Update wardrobe include items that are attractive and comfortable.

Avoid feelings of boredom, by doing something different each day besides watching TV, surfing the Internet without purpose, or involving yourself in people, places and things that are negative and of little benefit.  Make time for those you care about and share thoughts with them, maybe they can help you reach goals.  For instance, have another set of eyes review your resume(s) and cover letter(s) for errors. 

Nicholl McGuire also maintains a blog dedicated to Workplace Problems and Solutions here.


NBA 2K13: Ep:05 Los Angles Clippers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (+playlist)

Kids like recording their video gaming experiences and commentating on YouTube.  They use video cameras, a device called El Gato, and similar equipment.  If you have yet to get into this, it might be fun for you and helpful when it comes to bettering speech, giving directions, etc.  Adults enjoy displaying their best plays as well!  Enjoy this sample.


Think and Grow Rich Audio Book by Napoleon Hill

Listen to audiobooks on YouTube, a great way to kill boredom!

RSS Feed Directory - Search and read RSS Feeds without any RSS reader.

Cash Crate

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