Walking - Killed Boredom

I didn't think about much while I walked, not even how bored I was earlier.  I just enjoyed the bright sun in a beautiful blue sky and the wind upon my face as I strolled.  Cars, trucks and buses passed by and I continued to walk.  All I wanted this day was an opportunity to break routine and I made it possible for myself, I chose to walk. 

Prior to my journey, I had put myself in a hole of responsibilities and then all at once everything was done--no need to do anything else at least for a time.

A walk to the park, did my heart and body good even if my mind could have thought of some better things to do with my time.


Please take a moment to check out other blog entries on boredom and may answers to your life's concerns come forth through moments of boredom.


Nothing to Do?

With so much going on in a busy world filled with technological devices, it is difficult for some to fathom that one can be bored.  But it is possible.  Gifts do nothing for the soul.  A gift that breaks, can be stolen, rust, or cause headaches is not meant to fill a void within.  It is a temporary fix attempting to provide permanent solutions.

Parents who give their children much, a spouse who spoils a partner, or a grandmother who shares with her grandchildren many sweets, are drawing out a smile on one's face for the moment.  However, when one's belly is filled, heart has stopped beating fast, and the excitement has been caught in a camera, then what?  Time goes by, things get old and the desire to want more, springs fourth.  Before long one is sitting back on costly furniture wondering, what more is there to do?

The intelligent know how to take advantage of quiet times with nothing to do.  They plan, they organize, catch up on tasks once put aside, and they figure out ways to solve problems during times like these.  But those whose minds are often looking to be fed by someone or something else, have no clue what to do, so they resort to foolish activities or allow themselves to be idle just long enough to get into some kind of trouble.

Use your time wisely. 

Nicholl McGuire 

Children Find Ways to Stay Busy

Whether they are driving cars on the floor or building up a craft of some sort, children allow themselves to be free to create whatever whenever without worrying over criticism, time, and making money.  Below these children, with the aid of an involved parent, spent hours printing, cutting, gluing, and arranging images of their real life home into boxes.  They created a place for their little toy people to act in their exaggerated story-telling.  What odd thing might you come up with?



Avoid Boredom Today at Work - Here's How

You know when you feel those moments during the day when you just get seem to concentrate on too much of anything.  Then later, you find yourself bored with having to do some repetitive tasks.  You can actually cut off some of those "I'm bored" feelings before they catch up with you by doing the following things.

1.  Turn on background noise the minute you start feeling like you are getting weary of whatever you are or not doing.

2.  Take a short walk whether in or outdoors--a long walk might weary you.  The short break will keep you from falling asleep at your desk.  Then get back to whatever you need to do.

3.  Do a simple task such as: wiping something off like your computer screen or dust.  This way you don't become so bored with whatever you are doing that you don't want to complete it.  Then go back to what you were doing.

4.  Return a phone call, check email or chat with a co-worker.  Sometimes communicating with others will distract you from feelings of boredom.

These are just four ideas to get you started, check around this site for more.  Feelings of boredom can come on you quite suddenly and before long you are forgetting about what you were supposed to do.  You find yourself distracted looking at YouTube videos; instead of tending to important tasks.  If you haven't done this already, note some things you must get done today.  Then refer back to your list when you start feeling bored.  Chances are you just might remember to do something before you become very bored.

Have a great day!

Nicholl McGuire


Bored or Procrastinating?

I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say, "I'm bored."  When they really should be saying, "I'm lazy, I'm procrastinating...I don't feel like doing anything."  The truth is that there are some people who think they are bored when really they are avoiding important responsibilities.  They are watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to music, or exercising while claiming to be bored, huh? 

When one removes the "fillers" of life and sit down awhile, he or she will find that the mind is really running from the sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed, a messy room that needs to be cleaned, a job search that needs to be performed daily, a child that needs to be tended to, phone calls that need to be returned, and so on.  Those who are truly bored are the ones who have done everything they were supposed to do, and are now asking, "Now what?"  These are the people who have done all their assigned tasks, assisted others, and have done everything that they have found entertaining.  Now they sit idly wondering, "What else can I do?"

As for the procrastinators who yell, "I'm bored."  They are not, but what they are merely doing is hiding behind a false claim of boredom so as not to get some work done. 

Nicholl McGuire

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