Boredom Can Shorten Your Life According To Research By University College London

Boredom can shorten you life, according to research carried out by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London.

The specialists from the department looked at data from 7,524 civil servants between the ages of 35 and 55 during the period between 1985 and 1988. Those civil servants who said that they were bored were nearly 40% more likely to have died by the end of the study than those who said they were not.

It was also found that there was sufficient evidence to link heart disease to boredom.

But why do some people claim that they are bored to death?

• This may be due to the work they are doing being not challenging enough. They need to find something more challenging and stimulating to do at work or else they'll really be bored to death.

• Sometimes boredom could be the result of depression. If you're depressed, you usually lose interest in what you are doing. Depression interferes with your work, social and family life.

• People have too much time on their hands. These people include retirees and wealthy people with not very much to do to keep themselves occupied.

• People with high intelligence are grouped with people with average intelligence. Take the case of a very intelligent child being in the same class as children of average intelligence. The intelligent child picks up information very quickly and is ready to move on to a new topic. They are unable to move on because the rest of the class is still learning the topic. As a result the intelligent child very quickly gets bored with lessons.

• There is a lack of change in the environment. If you've been in the same environment for too long you'll soon get bored with your surrounding.
Some people who are bored to death turn to drinking and smoking to combat their boredom. They get addicted to drinking, smoking and other drugs which are detrimental to their health.

Some of the ways to cure boredom are:

• If you find the work routine too repetitive and boring, speak to your manager and ask if the work of the department can be rotated. For example, if you work in the accounts department, one person may be dealing with the accounts receivable, another person may be dealing with accounts payable, yet another may be dealing with asset ledgers. If you're dealing with only one area of the departmental work, then it will get rather boring after a while. You may feel that you can do the tasks blindfolded. It is not challenging enough to keep you stimulated. A job rotation every 3 - 4 months will help to stimulate you and your colleagues because you look forward to doing something different when you rotate to another task within the department. The departmental workload is still done and it's good for the department as you'll be able to cover for each other during holiday period or when you or your colleague is on sick leave.

• Once you recognize the signs of depression and if you are bored as a result of it, you should ask for help and support. Speak to your family and friends and let them know what you're going through. Tell them you need their support and understanding. Don't shut them out as your depression might get worse in isolation. The signs of depression include feelings of helplessness, feeling bored with daily activities, feeling tired and physically drained, change in the sleep pattern or appetite and having problems with their concentration.

• If you have too much time on your hands, you can sign up as a volunteer worker. There are many charitable organisations looking for the services of volunteers. You'll feel great within yourself knowing your contribution has helped to make the lives of other people better.

• If you feel bored because you're not in the right learning group, make a request to get transferred to a more advance learning group. You may have been accidentally put to a beginner's class instead of an intermediate or advanced class. You may be happy and feel that the pace of this class is well within your comfort zone but the price you've to pay for this comfort is boredom.

• If you're bore with your environment, make changes to it. If you're bored with the colour of your room, change it to a different colour to please your senses. If you're bored with your surrounding, take a short break from your surrounding. Go away for a few days and visit your relative or friend in another location.
Boredom is a state of mind and should be tackled as soon as possible. The mind needs to be challenged and stimulated before you're bored to death. A change in your lifestyle can also open up new interests to keep you from being bored.

Chow Siew is a retired accountant. He is the webmaster of This site brings news, pension information and activities for the online retirement community. This is also where seniors socialize and interact with each other. He also maintains a travel portal

Why Do People Get So Bored

Why do we get so bored ? Probably we'll answer the biological call for social interaction or so that we wouldn't even bare the thought of us being "alone", "solitaire", "depressed", "sad" and "frustrated" - these feelings arise sometimes when people are bored. Imagine what technology can do to us? Even though there have been lots of technology advances, which bring to the people,fun and much to think about. But the question is still there, people still get bored,it's natural.

One reason is mentioned above for people being bored,there can be several more that can cause people to get bored.One might think himself helpless if he is not getting what his superiors are expecting him to do.Due to this he may not perform the task properly and might lose his interest and get bored. In contrast one might get the words from his authorities but he still can't overcome boredom because he is sick of doing the same task again and again.

When such stoppage point arrives in one's life and every thing is held where it was one might have to rethink where the fault lies and what should have to be corrected to get out of this bored routine. Otherwise one might stuck to this same awful routine and has nothing to do with.

By: Jest Staffel
Why do people get bored. Some solutions are provided here.


Fancy Ripped Abs in Weeks But Bored of the BS?

Now, let's be realistic here, you've probably spent a good deal of time searching the internet looking for the best way to get ripped abs in weeks. If we're being honest this probably isn't the first article you've read on the subject. And if it's not then it's likely (and not surprising) that it's not only time you've spent on the quest of ripped abs in weeks but hard earned dollars. You're not alone. The health and fitness industry generates billions of dollars a year from people like us searching for a gt fit/get thin miracle with diets, supplements and training programs and the most people come away with is disappointment.
That's why I'm writing this article.

I've done the research, tried the diets, done the exercises and spent the money so you can get ripped abs in weeks without the pain! The most important tip to being successful is fat loss.

Lose that fat.
So, the key to achieving your aims is fat loss. That may sound completely obvious but it's so often overlooked, especially as many programs get you working on your muscles straight away. Stomach muscle is layered underneath any excess fat you might be carrying so you could have the most toned stomach muscles in the world hidden by a layer of flab. Fat burning is a complex subject but when done right makes ripped abs in weeks completely possible and a whole lot more achievable.

Spend some money, but spend some money wisely
Now, for the very best expert information to get ripped abs in weeks you're going to have to part with some cash. This is essential to get the right program. It will be worth it, there's no doubt. Experts would not be experts if they weren't worth their fees. Find the program that is best for you and centres around fat loss. Then stick to it. I know that sounds obvious too but the better the program the more likely you are to be able to stick with it.

So what do I look for in a program to get ripped abs in weeks?
1. Firstly, who wrote it. Lots of people claim to be an expert in this field, few actually are. Make sure you choose a plan written by someone who has actually been there and done it. A fitness fanatic who was captain of the football team all his life isn't going to have had to struggle to get ripped abs in weeks. Look for someone who has. And can show you they have and show you they've helped other people. Look for before and after photos of other people like you, who wanted to get ripped abs in weeks.
2. Make sure the program you choose is simple. A no-brainer? You'd be surprised. Loads of complicated crunches and sit ups isn't going to get you motivated to get ripped abs in weeks.
3. Make sure it focuses on 3 things - diet, diet and diet. Ok, so we're hammering this home but diet is the most important factor in getting ripped abs in weeks. Blast off that fat and you're halfway there.
4. Make sure you understand what doesn't work so that you can concentrate on what actually does and not fall into the trap that means you don't see results and you don't follow this through.
5. Finally, stick at it, it's not easy to get ripped abs in weeks and anyone who says it is is frankly lying, but you can do it, you've just got to keep going and believe in yourself.

Good luck.
Thank you for reading my article, the most powerful fat loss system is now available on the market. 


Bored and Lonely? What to Do

Yesterday I met a friend of a friend. Jane is an intelligent, interesting woman with her own business and an adventurous nature. She travels a lot, has a positive outlook on life and enjoys learning and growing.

Imagine my surprise when she said: "I get very bored and lonely!" As a divorced middle aged woman Jane is active, busy and proactive yet she feels like that. How could that be?

She explained that where she lives in Boulder, Colorado, many close friends have left and moved to other states over the years. And Jane doesn't get out to socialise that much. Over time she has lost many good friends and not met new people to spend time with.

Busy And Frustrated

Of course Jane is not the only one. For so many of us a busy life can leave us unfulfilled and unhappy unless we have great people to spend time with. The day to day interactions at work and in our community keep us in touch with people but these conversations often lack depth and meaning.

Having someone who cares enough to listen when you have a bad day, the joy of sharing your success with good friends and the security that comes from knowing you have people you can count on - all of these factors give you the confidence to keep on going.

On the other hand success at home and at work can be shallow and lonely if we do not have people we can connect with. Do you have good friends who really listen to you? Do you have special people who call you just because they want to hear your voice?

Boredom and loneliness can cloud your day and make life a real drag if you cannot make new friends and develop deeper friendships with those people you already spend time with.

What Stops You?

Even intelligent, interesting people like Jane get to a point where they give up. They lose hope and stop trying. They get used to living a life that is empty so they stay busy and ignore the problem. This solves nothing.

In fact the situation may even get worse. Over time your confidence dealing with people can fade until it even affects the few friendships you count on for a social life. You get so used to infrequent quality time with your closest friends that staying bored and lonely seems normal.

What Can You Do?

1. Make It A Priority To Meet New People

Get involved in activities that interest you and give you enjoyment. Do if for the fun and laughs you will have and to meet new people along the way. This could mean putting time into a sport, a charity or some other activity in your community that will involve meeting a lot of people.

I have even heard of someone getting a bar job when he moved to a new city to quickly meet a lot of people. You get the point - do something you will enjoy, to meet like minded people with that common interest. This takes care of knowing what to talk about and what to do. No awkward moments wondering what these new people are all about.

Once you get used to meeting new people in new situations it gets easier and easier. You get better at reading people, you feel more comfortable and it even becomes a lot of fun. Practice, practice, practice... and what was once a lot of effort will become a high point of the week.

2. Change Your Socialising Habits

We all tend to get into a routine that is helpful when it comes to doing all that needs to be done each day however that can really limit our chances of meeting interesting new people if we never go to new places or try new activities.

Make a decision to do new things each week. Find out what is going on in your town and schedule attending a concert, signing up for a class or joining a club. Take a friend and get used to being in new places and meeting even a few new people each week.

At first it can be uncomfortable moving out of your comfort zone but as long as you are choosing to only get involved in activities you are genuinely interested in then you´re likely to enjoy yourself. Even if you only meet one interesting person to chat with its worth it. Meeting one new person with similar interests is fun, much more fun than trying to make conversation with a hundred people who do not share your interests.

Boredom and loneliness can affect anyone especially busy people because all that running around leaves little space for quality time doing what you really want to do and even less time to spend lost in conversation with people you enjoy talking to.

The solution is simple. Try new activities that interest you and meet new people on your wavelength. Make that a part of every week and you'll have much more fun and the joy of connecting with wonderful people who enjoy your company just as much as you enjoy talking to them.

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently produced a very popular free report: 10 Simple Steps to Developing Communication Confidence.


Easy Ways to Get Yourself Fired

Most people head into a new job full of vigor and enthusiasm, sure that they will never be fired. That kind of thing doesn't happen to an employee like them. Don't be too sure, there are a lot more reasons for you to be shown the door than you might think. Here are some of the most commonly made mistakes that get employees headed right back to the unemployment line.

Padding your resume - Tell the truth from the start, right on your resume. In this day and age most employers do perform background checks but if a "little white lie" does slip through and you are hired if your embellishment is discovered at a later date you can be fairly certain that you will be cleaning out your desk the same day.

Too Many Personal Calls - Most employers will tolerate the occasional personal phone call, especially if you are a working parent. Do it too often though and you are probably going to end up being able to spend as much time chatting with your BFF as you like..from home.

Too Much Web surfing - Spending hours updating your Facebook or twittering about how your day is going is a waste of your employer's time and there will be consequences when they find out about it. Even more likely to get you canned on the spot is visiting adult sites.

Tardiness - Well its only 9.03am that doesn't matter right? Perhaps not, if you only do it once in a while but if you regularly arrive at work after everyone is else is settled in to their desks or your lunch hour is usually 65 minutes then you are putting yourself in the right position to never have to worry about getting to that office on time again.

Gossip - You may have stumbled upon the juiciest piece of information about the girl in the cubicle next to yours but suppress the urge to share with your coffee klatch and keep it to yourself. People may instinctively love to hear a juicy rumor or two but no one ever wants to be fingered as the one who started it. Indulging in office gossip can quickly lose you the trust and admiration of your colleagues, including the boss who has the power to let you go.

By Mel J. E. Rivera Platinum Quality Author

For great advice for both employees and employers on all kinds of workplace issues visit

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