Boring Towns

I don't know how anyone does it, live in a boring town?  I have had enough of the small town I have been living in.  I admit I just am not cut out mentally for small town living like I use to be.  Sure, a quiet, simple life is best when you feel like you are losing it, but once you are all better, it is time to move on!

You would think that communities of people would get together and make their towns fun to be in!  From street fairs to yard sales or even a community talent show, a dull town can be spiced up if a few energetic people spear-headed a few things.  But of course, apathy plays a part in boring towns.  I would also have to admit laziness too.  I can't tell you how many people I know enjoy the television more than they like talking!  It's crazy how much an electronic device governs one's life!

Well, here's hoping for the best, the city might be a bit loud and wild, but it sure beats small town living any day!



15 Things Introverts Want You To Know

Why Do We Get Bored?

Search Engine Evaluator

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Customer Service Work, Call Center Services

So you are bored and broke, bad combination, my friend.  But you can solve your problem, by learning more on how you can make money while sitting on your behind running your mouth from home. 

There are plenty of legitimate businesses seeking customer service representatives especially during the holiday season, but you just need to know where to look.



Indeed - job postings, see here.

Types of Legitimate Work at Home Jobs - an article about employment opportunities, click here.


Voice Acting for Hobby or Business

An unusual talent, but people who can alter their voice tend to be very entertaining.  Someone with this kind of skill just might be able to land a job on or offline acting in a film, play, radio program, online video, game, offine audio, voice mail, and other places.

People will lend their voices to different projects and sell their service on and offline.  They will describe what they can do, record the audio, and then upload a sample so that others can hear.

The following links are places where you can learn more:

Voice Acting definition

Voice Acting Academy - also check your local city, state.

Voice Acting forum - read what others have to say about the craft.

Auditions and Open Casting Calls, see here.


Make a To Do List of Everything You Want to Do

We go through life often limiting ourselves to what others want from us.  But what is it that you have yet to do for you?

Take out a piece of paper and note as many things that come to mind that you always wanted to do, should have done, or need to get around to doing.  Then note the days of the week and times you plan to give attention to each thought.  So if planning a vacation next year is something you haven't gotten around to doing, then begin researching noting your findings on things like cost, discounts, best tour spots, etc.

When we take that moment in our day when all is still and nothing is in need of our attention, direct your thoughts on your plans, dreams, and goals and do something about them!

Nicholl McGuire author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic and blogger at Face Your Foe

The Most Boring, Useless Facts You'll Never Forget


7 Things You Did But You Could Be Doing Again Now That You Have Free Time

1.  Call someone back.

2.  Delete old files off your computer, upload photos and share with others.

3.  Start looking for that thing again you couldn't find because you didn't have much time.

4.  Turn off the computer, and start up a conversation about nothing with someone you supposedly care about.  Life is too short, my friend.

5.  Iron your wrinkly clothes and get rid of apparel and shoes you don't wear anymore.

6.  Take those things out the closet and drawers that you promised to give to someone, but never did.  Give some stuff away, you know you don't use or want it all!

7.  Connect with some more cool people online.

Nicholl McGuire


Bored? Record Audio of Your Thoughts, Creative Works, Sounds...

The following is a list of some great sites for uploading audio, some permit you to record right on the site!

Feel free to view my page, the creator of this blog, and join me on these sites.  See below:

1.  Audioboo

2.  Chirbit

3.  Blaving

4.  Ipadio

5.  Sound Cloud

6.  Voice Base


Bored with Routine? Try Researching for Something Useful Like Making Extra Money

There are many sites that offer real ways to make money online.  Learn what is available at the following site: Simple Ways to Make Money.  This web page lists really simple ways that bring extra cash to many individuals' back accounts.  All you need is time--much time. 

Nothing is so simple that you don't have to devote any time to it initially.  To your success! Simple Ways to Make Money

Nicholl McGuire


What to do When Bored with Friends

So it is the weekend and you made plans to hang out with friends, but there is one who is simply a bore and he or she makes you feel bored.  What to do?

See these sites on more ideas besides this one:

Yahoo Answers

Fun Things to Do with Friends

150 Things You Can Do When You are Bored


Bored Right Now? Quick Interview to Get You Back on Track

So you are bored this very moment.  You might want to consider thinking about the answers to the following questions to encourage you to make the most of your day today.

1.  Did you do what you promised others you will do?  Think back to something you said to someone--did you do it yet?

2.  Did you do every task on your list?  Sometimes we overlook things and claim that they are done when they aren't.  For instance, you put a load of clothes into the washer, then forget to put them in the dryer.  You go get the mail, but then you bring it back and don't open it.

3.  Is everything in your home/apartment/dorm put back in its proper place?  Walk around your spot--check under the bed and on counter tops.

4.  Did you make all necessary phone calls?  Someone sent you a text, did you respond yet?  Poor friend is still waiting for an answer.  What about your voicemail, did you call those people back yet?

5.  Do you do what you tell yourself you are going to do?  Just the other day you may have told someone you plan on doing this or that.  Have you performed research on your business idea/invention/health issue etc.  We often put ourselves off, catch up with your questions/concerns/visions/goals.

There you have it, five things that will take you out of boredom and most likely get you busy again.  By the way, when all those things are done, go floss your teeth and get outside and take a walk, chances are you didn't do either today.

Nicholl McGuire

How to leave a boring class in style!


Careless Boredom is Dangerous, Make Wise Choices

In a world where so many people are given so much, some have nothing better to do than act irresponsibly with the things they own.  In this video, the character is in a place of boredom that he can't seem to get out of--his mind is in a dangerous place.  As strange as it seems, there are those in reality who think that just shooting a gun here, there everywhere is okay--an insane way to release boredom.  Meanwhile, a human being or animal is tortured and/or murdered for what?  Because someone was bored?


Boredom Can Be a Distraction in a Relationship/Friendship

We have all been in situations where we felt bored, out of place, and other disturbing emotions simply because we missed the excitement that we once experienced being in a certain environment.  However, some of the most challenging emotions are those that we experience when partnered with someone who we refuse to admit is no longer good for our well-being.  They seem to be a source of our boredom, discomfort, and drain us of spiritual energy. 

Maybe there was a time when a partner, relative or friend was the best person for you, but not anymore--what happened?  What is making this person so dull?  Something about him or her is spiritually, physically, and/or emotionally dead.  When you have someone like this around, but you aren't quite ready to cut him or her off, this is what you do: 

1.  Bring your feelings out into the open with the person who is boring you until you feel like you have been heard.

2.  Address each issue in a way that is polite, caring and sincere.

3.  Take some time for yourself, because you know he or she is not going to like you very much for bringing up subject matter that makes him or her uncomfortable.

4.  Watch for changes.  A person who really wants to be in your life will try to make a difference.  Give this person some time to process all you have told him or her.

5.  Check yourself to be sure you are not acting in ways that make those around you feel like you are useless/boring/unloving, etc. too.  Share some love, excitement, etc.

Here's hoping for a positive start in the right direction whether the troubled individual in your camp sticks around or not.

Check out topics related to emotional and physical abuse at Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, see here.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love Myself and Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.


Boring People Don't Know They are Boring Until...

Boring people don't know they are boring until someone tells them whether nicely or rudely.  They are ususally in the group with the others agreeing that someone else is "a bore, annoying, has no life..."  Meanwhile, what they don't realize is they are describing themselves.

Once someone told me (note: I am changing a few details for privacy reasons), "I no longer wanted to date her, because she was boring.  I had to end it with her."  I thought to myself, "Could it be that she reacted in the way that she did toward you, because she felt that you were a bore!"  I mean let's be honest with ourselves, we are not always interesting, great or fun to be around.  But seriously, when you start seeing a pattern in your life that is telling those around you, "Loser!"  You have to do some things differently.  Why wait for someone to argue, threaten or take something away from you because you refuse to change!

You may have heard someone say, "Get a life!"  What exactly does that mean?  It means enjoy living.  Avoid the temptation to make the job your all.  Have something else going on outside of your routines.  For some people, they may not be employed, so you have more freedom than most to do some interesting things.  Consider doing the following to add a little interest to your dull life (that is if I am describing you...lol):

One.  Check your local newspaper or a website that tailors to tourists in your area.  You will find some upcoming events.  See if any appeal to you or those you know and then invite them or go yourself.

Two.  Find out what classes are available to help you better your skills in something.

Three.  Start collecting useful things like family history for starters or researching about topics you know little about. (This will definitely help your conversational skills.)

Four.  Read books that will teach you more about your job or interest.

Five.  Connect with family and friends online or offline that you haven't spoken to in awhile.

Six.  Plan a family get-together or a reunion with old friends.

Seven.  Attend a place of worship. (Trust me, spirituality will definitely make you interesting to be around especially if you have some spiritual gifts!  But you might lose a few in your circle too--so what, they were boring anyway--lol).

Seriously, do something interesting with your life while you can still breathe and walk on your own, because one day you won't be able to do much but hope for death.  Make the most of your life--do what's right and best for you and those you love!

Nicholl McGuire

While You Focus On the Boston Bombing, You Are Blind To What Is Important in Your Own Camp


When You're Bored, You are Most Likely to Get in Trouble

When some typical busybodies get bored, they usually get into trouble, because they have been somewhere or did something they had no business doing.  But what was the motivation for them to get into trouble in the first place?  Boredom.  They grew weary of routines, people, places, and things.  "I am open to trying something new..." the bored guy tells his friends.  Before long, he is doing and saying some things he would have never done before.

Now trying new things isn't always wrong.  If you are attempting to better yourself, help others, and overall just be a blessing and not a curse to humanity, then so be it.  But some people allow a wayward, bored mind to get the best of them to the point of causing much discord for self and others.  These individuals will take a chance, put their lives at risk, because they are simply bored!  "I called her name, picked on her...I was bored.  I cheated on them, well because I was bored with the relationships.  I quit my job, yeah I know that was stupid, but I was bored!"

When you don't have a plan, some sort of focus as to why you are doing what you are doing, that's when trouble finds you!  Objectives must be updated for the bored mind, before he or she self-destructs!

You've heard people say, "I was minding my own business when...I was just wandering around when...I didn't go over there, she came to me..."  Doesn't matter!  A bored, tired mind (especially with no motivation for living) will end up at the wrong place at the wrong time more often than he or she cares to admit.  Trouble doesn't come around as often (notice I didn't say it never comes) to one who planned his or her day better, paid close attention to his or her instincts, and took necessary precautions.

Trouble will find you at some point and test your faith, money, health, family and more, but it doesn't have to claim one's life sooner, if one watches for signs and uses wise teachings to fight back.
Listens to those messengers along your life's journey that say, "Don't go there tonight...that's not a good idea...why don't you stay home...what about doing something else rather than..." 

Nicholl McGuire shares videos at YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.  See here.


The Problem with Boring Conversations

You have been there, seated or standing at a store, in a checkout line, or a parking lot and you overhear two people trying to pass the time away.  Neither person is interesting--their conversation, boring!  You actually hope they don't bring their boring thoughts, laughter, or anything else to you!  Boring conversations can be like a catchy cold, you don't want it!

Riding in a car with someone, walking or doing something else doesn't have to be a bore if you know how to communicate in an interesting way that causes both of you to experience a myriad of emotions.  Why not make a chance meeting or a random moment one that is memorable?  Have something to say worthwhile. 

Most people expect the typical boring conversation  with others about the usual:  weather, their present predicament, or what they are having or just had to eat (sigh).  You can bring life to a dull atmosphere by saying something funny, shocking, or even wise. 

Use the weather to direct a conversation in your favor if you are a believer in a Creator.  Find out someone's current dilemma if you are a salesperson.  Comment on an individual's clothing or accessories if your looking for a friend--yes this works!  Before long, you are sharing spiritual insight, your personal business, and talking about visiting a store together one day.

Life is simply too short to be spending 10 minutes or a few hours talking about meaningless stuff that don't make a lasting impression.  Whether you anger someone or uplift them, they will remember you, not so much by what you said, but how you made them feel. 

You need not exaggerate or lie about your life, but what you can do is talk out loud about it and hear, really listen to what you are saying about yourself--do you believe in you?  Could you use a little make-over in your personality?  Are you short-changing yourself and missing out on real life opprotunities or is electronics taking up most of your time?  What about the person listening to you, could this person benefit from your life experience? 

Exchange thoughts and sincerely enjoy those five minute friendships with strangers--listen and talk, listen and talk.  Some people can be a bore because they talk too much or too little especially know-it-all young and old people.  Ask questions that move a person to want to answer in detail.  State things that make others ponder their encounter with you. 

Who knows, you might be someone's angel in disguise?

Nicholl McGuire


Got Nothing Better to Do? Work Your Business

Whether you write articles online, blog or social network, I'm sure you have something that could use some tender loving care.  Why not increase page views, tweak your pages, expand your following, change your profile page, or do something else worthwhile to your online presence?

The following are social networking sites you might find useful in helping you draw more viewers to your pages:

FREE Social Promotion



Boring Weekends? Spice Them Up

Did you do anything special last weekend, the week before, or what about before that weekend?  No.  Well you could prepare to spice up your future weekends by doing any or all of the following things.

One.  Surf the Internet for freebies on local stuff.  From entertainment to appetizers, let that freebie be your motivation for getting outdoors.

Two.  Manage your household by putting away, cleaning, and rearranging stuff.  You can get more insight here.

Third.  Consider calling up a relative or friend you have been putting off to go somewhere like a store, a concert, or just walk around at a mall.

Four.  Avoid isolating yourself to a room, come on out and see what others are up to.  Offer to help someone do something simple.  For example, someone working in the kitchen offer to help prepare a meal or clean up. 

Five.  Find something to do by checking out online videos of your interests.  What is it that you always wanted to do, but haven't done it yet?

Six.  Stop watching TV and Internet surfing if you typically do this and instead read and write or take a walk.

Seven.  Attend a spiritual event that will help you with your emotional baggage.  See a doctor for physical ailments.

Now that you have seven things to spice up your weekend, make it memorable and have something worthwhile to talk about the next time someone asks you, "So how was your weekend?"

Nicholl McGuire maintains this blog and others, check out Work Place Problems and Face Your Foe.


6 Signs You or Someone You Know is Boring to Be Around

Maybe at one time you were interesting.  People enjoyed being around you.  But these days life responsibilities have been getting the best of you.  You may think that you are still fun and interesting, but upon closer inspection of your life, maybe not.  How do you know you have grown into a boring person?

One.  When anyone ever talks to you about something you keep bringing up the same subject matter about things like ie.) kids, jobs, etc.  Your conversation rarely changes.

Two.  You don't talk with enthusiasm, a sense of happiness, or seem like you even enjoy living.

Three.  You visit the same places in your free time and you don't bother to go elsewhere for any number of reasons like: it's just easier, cheaper, or a shorter distance from a job.  Therefore, if you don't go anywhere, but the same spots all the time, you don't have nothing new to really say and you limit your life experience.

Four.  People tell you things like, "You are boring...Do you get out much?"  They don't bother to call invite you anywhere or visit you.

Five.  Loved ones don't hear from you or see you much even your intimate relationship is declining because you don't bother to take any personal or vacation days to do anything fun or different. You rarely look outside yourself and your routines.

Six.  You don't act interested in what others have to say, and you don't look for opportunities to relate to others in ways that make them want to enjoy your company.

As you ponder these points, think about other things you might not say or do that make people feel like you are a bore.  Spice your personal and professional life up a bit by changing the way you do things, checking in with your significant and children to find out what their needs might be, and take a look around your personal dwelling, neighborhood and elsewhere for problems that you might be able to solve.  Being helpful and encouraging toward a variety of people (outside of your job), and reflecting on who you are and your purpose for living are just a few things that will help you toward getting out of your boring slump.  Write a list of things that you would like to do and share with your loved ones.  Set a date and time and do what you promised yourself and others.

Nicholl McGuire


Bored? Start Researching about Others' Experiences Outside of America

We are spoiled in this country.  We have more than most in other lands.  Many in America have televisions, a portable phone, running water, lights, gas, a warm place to stay, etc. 

Try going outside of America and what might you find in the slums, the country, or on a land surrounded by water?  Not as much as we have nor are the buildings as nice as ours.  You might have some amenities from home in some places overseas, but most likely something will be amiss, and you will just have to tolerate doing without it.  From a buzzing fly with no spray to kill it to a hole in the wall with nothing to fill it, that's life outside of your four walls with a bed and whatever else you appreciate the most in your room.  Sure, it may not be a palace, but it's your home, "so be grateful," I was once told by former military officers.

So your bored right?  Tired of looking at the same old stuff on the Internet.  Why not check out some of those YouTube videos of foreigners?  Then go off to some blog sites or forums where Americans as well as non-Americans post their personal experiences.  Now that will be a mind and an eye-opener for many of you reading this, because chances are you haven't been out your neighborhood much lately.  Wonder what someone is dealing with about your age, gender and ethnicity in say a place like Japan, Brazil, or Sweden?  What sort of challenges are they dealing with in the Middle East outside of what you think you might know from slanted American media reports?  What is dating, parenting, and business like outside of the United States for others around the world?  Try getting some answers to these questions and more. 

Shall we broaden our horizons?  Utilize boring times to create your own lesson plan on learning--no matter what the age, social class, or location!

Nicholl McGuire


Make Your New Year Interesting, Exciting

Your year is what you create!  If last year was that kind of year that you would never want to return, then you must consider what you might want to do this year that will make your year memorable.

Too often we believe that we need to just stick with that one thing, one routine, one person, or one event and nothing more.  There are many people, places and things that we can experience to make our lives worth living, but we don't experience much because we are either too lazy, too busy, too boring ourselves, or too whatever to do much!  Now I'm not talking about running away from responsibilities, finding a cheap thrill, and living it up, but what I am saying is you can seek the kind of things that will make you come up higher mentally, physically and spiritually if you just step out of routines!  For some it is changing the way he or she eats, who they spend time with, and how they obtain income, what might be your needed changes for this year?

Whatever you feel the need to do, why not start performing the research, making the phone calls and doing the necessary things that will make your year a great one?

Some things you might want to start doing is as follows:

1.  Put money aside for a future event or vacation.  What was it that you missed out on last year because you didn't have any money saved up or time?

2.  Make free time to connect with people who can help you in your future endeavors.  Did you miss out on friendly engagements, meetings, etc. last year because you got distracted?  Look up dates, times and locations of events and mark your calendar in advance.

3.  Plan to move.  Tired of the apartment or home you are in?  What could you do differently?

4.  Job relocation.  Would you like to find a job in another state?  How about making plans to visit?  Send out resumes and see what might result.

5.  Start a new hobby, business venture, etc.  Who said that "you can't, you won't, you will not?"  Make up in your mind to ditch some of that TV and Internet time as well as those negative voices too and learn something new!

You could probably think of some other things you can do to make your year less boring and more exciting.  Note your thoughts, make plans, and start working toward goals--best wishes!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic

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