12 Ways to Be at Peace During a Financial Crisis

Back in the good ole’ days, you had money to splurge, friends came around often and everyone seemed to be happy for you.  Yet, one day, something happened to turn your finances upside down and now all you can do is think of how to get yourself out of this mess.  It seems as if the financial storm is lasting longer than the financial sunshine, so what do you do?  How do you get past the sadness, frustration, anger and confusion?

The following suggestions may help you cope and if you choose to use them, your storm may not last for long.  (As we all know storms don’t last for always.)

  1. Put whatever change you have aside from spending money and begin to save.  As crazy as it may seem, saving during a financial crisis will provide you with the hope that you need to get out of your situation.  Learn how to do more on the Internet to help with your crisis.
  2. Don’t talk to everyone about your being “broke” or “poor,” this doesn’t help you with keeping a positive attitude.
  3. Take the time to write down short term and long-term financial goals.  Read articles abut the things you hope to accomplish, this way when you do have the money you will be educated enough to make the right decisions.
  4. Don’t lend money when you know you can’t afford to.  As nice as it may seem, it is probably what aided your financial storm.  Always think of you first.
  5. Find everything and anything on sale, use coupons when you can, and most of all avoid impulse buying.
  6. Stay away from credit cards at this time.  Why dig a whole deeper for yourself when you are trying to climb out of it?
  7. Be sure to define what exactly is a financial emergency, if you have alternatives ways to get to work, why pay for high price gas?  If you have leftovers in the refrigerator, then why pay for lunch?
  8. Walk around your home looking for items you don’t need, whether you sell them or give them away, they will be a blessing to someone and as you know good things will come back to you when you believe.
  9. Surround your atmosphere with the things that made you successful in your past.  Take out your prized moments and display them on the wall.  This creates an atmosphere of positive thinking.  Then add to your décor the things that you hope to achieve.  For example, post a photo of the trip you always wanted to take, the clothes you enjoy buying and maybe list a charity you would like to give to.  Once the money comes in, make your dreams a reality.
  10. Take a break from gift-giving, instead make phone calls or email.  You don’t know whose heart you may touch with saying the right words, rather than buying the right gifts.
  11. In all thy giving, expect to receive.  No matter what you have done in the past, present or future, someone will do something nice for you, it may not always be monetarily, but whatever it may be, it will be good for your heart.
  12. Most of all, if you have a faith, pray that God will provide you with the wisdom to save, invest and obtain money legally and joyfully.  Too often people will look at their situation in a negative light and that only attracts more negativity.
Start implementing these tips and your emotions concerning your finances will begin to be at peace!
Happy saving!


Free Laptops, Ipads, Phone Scams or Not?

Surfing the Internet one day, a student suddenly has a problem with his laptop, a series of flashing warnings lead to the computer shutting down and ultimately causing it to stop working.  He quickly runs over to his roommate’s computer and begins an intense search looking for a reasonably priced computer; however, they are all too expensive for his budget.  He makes a call to mom who isn’t interested in listening to his computer problems, nor is she sending him money to buy a new one.  He hangs up the phone disgruntled until he notices a banner ad that boasts a website, entitled 


Little does he know, this site is one of many fraudulent freebie websites, many of which are posted at  The consumers on the site report their gifts were never received.  One consumer stated, “I responded to a popup on my computer offering a free laptop. The terms to get the laptop required that I register, complete 10 offers from various companies (2-silver, 2-gold, 6-platinum). Each of the offers that I subscribed to required a low cost trial or required full cost purchase. I also referred 2 friends who also referred 2 friends…At first, many of my purchases were approved so it seemed as if everything was moving along smoothly. When items that I had paid for and received were not approved, I wrote to the promotion company through their 'contact us' section…I wrote to them at least 5 times during the 2 months and never received a response…I was not able to get the laptop even though I fulfilled the participation requirements.”
The determined student clicks on the banner ad and begins a survey that turns out to be the longest one he has ever filled out in his life!  Almost four hours of pages asking him to complete offers most of which require a credit card.  After hesitating about providing his credit card information, he grabs his card anyway and when it is all said and done he has completed over $500 in offers.  He tells himself he won’t need any of the things he has ordered and he will just send them back once he gets his laptop.

Well, the companies anticipate that is what most consumers will do, so they make sure their members will make more than one purchase to fulfill company requirements.  Also, the website he clicked on for the free laptop stated in fine print that he will not get any credit for his memberships if he cancels before 60 days.  Further, the companies have his credit card information so they will bill him before he has the time to respond.  Meanwhile, participating companies have yet to let the free laptop website know that he has completed offers.

 After several emails, a few phone calls and a couple of forum room discussions, all pertaining to why he has yet to receive credit, three months has passed and no laptop.  Feeling scammed, he contacts various organizations to let them know about the fraud.  Others came forward telling him about their experiences.  He is angry at himself for having fell for the scam and posts various blogs and forum topics about his ordeal.  People who have had positive experiences receiving their gifts begin to contact him defending the companies.  He thinks maybe those happy consumers got theirs because the company is trying to save face.  Whatever the case maybe, free isn’t really free, now is it?

With this chapter of his life closed, he moves on and finds out that a family member is awaiting a free Ipod and her friend is in the process of trying to get a digital camera from yet another site.  Unfortunately, they didn’t get their free electronics, but for smaller gift items like infant formula and a $25 gift card, those items were sent almost immediately…go figure?!
Nicholl McGuire author of What Else Can I Do on the Internet?


Plan Future Shopping Trips - What to Buy March and April

What to Buy in March and April? Book excerpt from Black Friday, Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round by Nicholl McGuire

All candy, specifically chocolate, from Valentine's Day is marked down this month. Winter gear and sporting equipment prices are also reduced. Boats and grills are still dropping in price. March is National Frozen Food Month so you will notice an increase of ads for freezer meals. People make home purchases this time of the year so they can get in on the tax credits offered the following month. Luggage is on sale making room for the new designs. You will also see some discounts on lingerie. Other sales include: cable, phones and plans, laptops, airfare tickets for summer travel, laptop sales, cleaning supplies, and home fragrances. Spring cleaning tends to happen toward the end of the month since spring starts at that time; therefore, you will see an increase of coupons and ads on cleaning products. Oh, the memories of Pine Sol growing up!
Free stock photo of fashion, person, sunglasses, woman


This month people who are very much into using and promoting earth friendly products are out and about celebrating Earth Day. Church-goers are commemorating Christ dressed in their Sunday best this month, Easter celebrations will be ongoing. So you will find many printed dresses and suits on sale as well as organic, natural and healthy foods and beauty items too. This is also a good month to buy a mattress since there are many ongoing deals. Cookware and other kitchen related goods are on sale. Cleaning supply prices look better. Taking a trip to a thrift store isn't a bad idea either around this time, because many individuals who are spring cleaning are getting rid of Christmas items they didn't need or want. Other items to grab include: cruises, sneakers, and more summer airfare discounts. However, keep in mind, the closer you get to the start of a new season when it comes to booking travel, you don't always save, so start searching months in advance of your departure date.
Black Friday, Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round by Nicholl McGuire
To get the most out of your shopping experiences year round, do check out nonfiction author and shopping expert Nicholl McGuire's book, Black Friday Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round  save some time and money, the research has already been done for you!   Helpful guide also available in print, see here.
Happy Shopping!


Get Paid to Complete Offers

Looking for a fun way to pass some time each day while making money?  Well I site I joined awhile back offers many ways to make additional cash. and sites like it are easy, entertaining, and helpful to your finances.  On this site you will complete the following:

1.  Cash offers
2.  Cash surveys
3.  Cash calls
4.  Cash path
5.  Cash videos

You can also make purchases with money you have earned on site via the 'Trade Hut.' You can also visit 'My Treasure' and get cash back from internet sites you already shop on.  With so many things to do on this site, you will quickly make money.

So check out and have some fun today!


Fun and Creative Things to Do when Bored

17 Useful Ways to Use Mobile Apps to Help with Common Activities

What do you typically do during the day or night? Could an app with some kind of reminder help you with things like: taking medicine, scheduling activities, performing daily tasks, meeting relatives and friends, or participating in errands?
Here is a list of ideas that many people already use mobile and computer apps for:
1. Hair and nail appointments.
2. Reminders such as take birth control, visit doctor, assist others, etc.
3. Keep up with their children’s tasks.
4. Read magazines and other media while they wait for others.
5. Play games.
6. Apartment shop.
7. Find locations.
8. Post information on social media pages.
9. Keep up with celebrities.
10. Write.
11. Create music.
12. Collaborate with staff.
13. Connect with friends.
14. Meet new friends.
15. Date online.
16. Check out photos.
17. Keep up with allowance money given to children.
Get more practical ideas, creative ways and more informative tips on taking your Internet research to a new level today!  What Else Can I Do on the Internet? ebook by Nicholl McGuire available here.


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