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Make Money with Online Surveys

For years I have spent time online taking surveys, watching videos, conducting paid searches, and writing reviews.  Many people question whether or not people really do make money, and they do, I have and continue to do so! 

Some of the best websites out there like this survey website, Paid Viewpoint, are reputable and easy to use.  Supplemental income is what helped me during tough times like when I had unexpected expenses and realized I had money sitting in my Paypal account I had yet to use. 

So if you are wondering whether they are worth it, yes when you need money, why not?  Have fun!  Sign up for online surveys today! 


'Genius' Gamma Binaural Beat - 60Hz (1h Pure)

It's not the kind of sound your brain is accustomed to, but it works!  "Gamma Brain Waves have long been considered the brain’s information and sensory-binding brainwave – or the brainwave that is able to link and process information from all parts of the brain. Having high amounts of Gamma Brainwave activity has been associated with: having high levels of intelligence..." according to Sam Young's YouTube channel.  Listen while you work or sit back quietly and enjoy!



Brain Game Sites - Stay Mentally Sharp

As we grow older, so do our brains and when they are not challenged, we begin to lose some of our mental sharpness.  So scientists, game designers and others have created all sorts of mental fitness sites to help us with our brains.  There are also exercises you can do to help your brain as well.  You can check out an article featured in the New York Times about physical exercises that help the brain here

Check out the following online brain-training websites:

Brain Games and Training - Luminosity

This site offers 50 plus cognitive games.  This is a great site for all ages.  Keep in mind, not everything on the site is free.

Online Educational Games - Funbrain

If you enjoy discovering new interesting sites that have many educational games, videos and books especially if a child isn't doing so well in school, Funbrain will keep any child's mind plenty busy and hopefully help their grades improve.  A great change from the routine of doing something that isn't so constructive like watching hours of television.

Free Online Games for Retirees -

Why should seniors be left out of all the fun?  Check out this list of games for our seniors that are designed to keep their minds active.  AARP list of games

NOTE: Learn more about what brain exercises are important to people suffering from Dementia.  Brain Exercises and Dementia

Game for Nintendo DS - Brain Age 2

This is a game you buy and play on the popular portable gaming device.

Memory Games, IQ Test...- Brainmetrix

Site offers many brain training programs to choose from--it's like a workout at a gym except it is for your brain.  Enjoy!

Other top brain fitness programs to check out are as follows:

Brainbuilder - improve your memory, brain speed and attention span and check out progress.

Queendom - Check out all the personality tests, trivias and mind stretchers!

Braingle - 20,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles

Sudoku - a classic game brought to you online, have fun!

Crosswords - traditional crosswords online rather than in a newspaper.  No ink smell on your hands--yeah!

My Brain Trainer - Calculate your brain age and power.

Happy Neuron - fun and personalized brain programs.


Cyber Monday Party mix - Listen While You Shop

Special thanks to DJ MrVpk6.  Enjoy this up tempo party mix while you shop online!  Get a great deal before midnight!

What More Do You Want to Do on the Internet? Book Provides Tips

When seated in front of your computer, browsing from one site to the next, you might sometimes feel like you are missing out on something. 

You are stuck in routines. 

Every time you sit in front of your computer screen, you need to have some idea what you want to learn about, how long you are going to be online finding out about it... 

Don't overlook any opportunity online or off that might make your life a little less stressful. 

I created a book to give your current Internet experiences a jolt!  Ready to take your research, ideas, creations and more to the next level?  Let's do it!

Learn more here: What Else Can I Do on the Internet? by Nicholl McGuire (paperback)
The e-book version is available here.


Creepy movies online by novices...Night Of The Living Dummy 2

Piecing Together Family History: A Personal Experience excerpt from Genealogy X...by N. McGuire

No one could have prepared me for the myriad of emotions I felt while preparing a fifth family book at the time during 2013. A particular family story left my head spinning because there were smaller stories that branched off of that one coming from so many relatives which provided details that were quite sad and also made me angry. Around the same time I was engrossed with those family stories, too many stored files and images caused my computer to crash (I had forgotten to free hard drive space, so you will want to remember to do this or hook up a backup server to your computer--mine had failed back then.) The questions I asked of relatives awakened the ghosts of the past and during that time; I saw my share of visions and received visitations. It might be hard for some skeptics to wrap their heads around spiritual experiences so I won't go any further, but for those who have experienced strange occurrences during the gathering and recording process of family documents and relics, I validate you.

Obtaining information and compiling it for the one I call "the black book" because I used black pages for the first time with white lettering was a great experience, but also a creepy one. When all research was completed, at least for me, and family members received their copies of the book, much of the supernatural weirdness died down. Like some relatives who had kept family secrets for years, the spirits on the other side of the world finally rested in peace. One day I received a personal, supernatural gift in May 2015, I got to see a vision of many deceased relatives that had been featured in the black book, I knew they were sending me a courtesy message that another life would be claimed. Days later, my grandmother had passed. Fortunately, five months prior she got to check out her memoir that I had completed. I was so grateful that she got to view her book as well as others before she died.

Learn more about putting together your family history from a short, comprehensive guide titled, Genealogy X What to Expect When Researching Family History by Nicholl McGuire.  Family history books, calendars, plaques, and other interesting items make great gifts especially for those who know little about their family roots.


You have a Calling on Your Life

This is a message of faith and encouragement.  Are you curious about your spiritual calling?  There is more to life than boring routines, challenging people, and crazy times.  Check out inspirational speaker and author Nicholl McGuire on Sutros http://sutros.com/songs/47379-spiritual-calling-on-your-life


Top 35 Free New Games For iOS & Android in September (2016!)

On Getting More Out of Internet Experiences - Personal Testimony

In the past, I didn't quite connect my offline problems with online solutions right away. There were times that I would still think about going to the library, calling someone, or looking at one of my old books on a shelf to get answers. I had to keep reminding myself, "Just go on the web..." I don't quite remember when I went from saying web to the Internet, but as times change so do we. This might be something that some of you readers still do. You forget about the Internet or talk yourself out of going online in the hopes that you can solve a problem without need of it. Then before long, minutes or hours have gone by and you end up going online anyway.

As I became more experienced using the computer and Internet, I was often surprised by the new activities that seemed to pop up over night. During my early Internet experiences, online banking was one of the best features to make life so much simpler when it came to paying bills. We online bill payers learned to set and forget. However, if one wasn't too careful and your paycheck was not consistent, you just might overdraft or some weird thing once in awhile would occur where one needed to check with his or her bank. Despite the hiccups, even now, I still love the convenience and not having to worry if my check made it to a company or individual while wondering when he or she plans to cash it (sigh).

When photo uploading and downloading came along, I enjoyed this so much too. I could share photos with my social networks that they hadn't seen in years. Some viewers cried with happiness while others complained about the way they looked in the images. I was so happy to be able to download photos from online photo albums and social networking sites that I would have never been able to get had I visited relatives' homes. When I made my first photo printer purchase I was ecstatic, because I could print out what I wanted when I wanted and send to whomever. That is until I started noticing how quickly the cost of buying ink cartridges added up. Prices have come down somewhat, depending on your printer, but I don't print like I used to. For many photos, it is just better to select your photos, upload online and then go to the local photo development center in your neighborhood to pick up. You will find in this guide many things you can do creatively.

When blogging came on the scene, I was in my heaven. Being a writer that participated in contests, published newsletters, and wrote diary entries, this was just the outlet I needed. I also liked some interesting features like being able to type on a black screen rather than a white one online. I soon discovered that I could play free music online while I wrote or listened to audio books without having to work my computer's CD drive. Funny, CDs are a thing of the past as I write. They are like audio tapes, 8 tracks, vinyl records, as well as other recording products, although the items are dated and not considered the best and the greatest. But anyone who likes to save money doesn't want to keep buying media over and over again, so you tend to keep your players around.

Those days of renting VHS and DVD movies at the local Blockbuster had stopped for all of us previous members when we started choosing to watch movies online rather than leave home during the mid-2000s. Documentaries were readily available on video sharing websites as well. I couldn't imagine having to stand in line ever again to rent a movie (that is if I am at a theater or library).

I realized the benefits of using the Internet mentally, physically and spiritually more so when I started having children. The Internet was my escape from boredom at home, fussy babies who would eventually fall asleep, and a place to go to ease my mind when I needed to know something. For instance, I couldn't always get out to the doctor and oftentimes there wasn't anything so bad occurring with me or my children that required a doctor's visit, so I can't tell you how much money I saved just looking up symptoms on WebMd and other similar sites.

When I discovered there were videos and pictures I could view online related to symptoms, I felt so relieved. In addition, when the children needed certain items, I didn't hesitate to look online for a coupon, once again saving more money. Then I found sites that could help with reducing medical expenses and save on prescription costs. I also learned about alternatives to prescription medicines that worked just as good depending on the health ailment. Not all old school remedies were outdated and ineffective and I learned this after spending time reading many comments about different products in forums and websites where products were being advertising. So from this example, you can see how one task started a chain reaction to other tasks I could perform on the Internet. This is what you will find throughout this guide.

The Internet was also a life saver when I worked on certain tasks on jobs. I could simply look up whatever I needed or collaborate with others online. If I didn't know something and even still to date, I learn about it and work with the available programs right online.

When I started learning to drive, I used the Internet to take quizzes and watched videos to help understand road rules. I found useful information about what cars were considered the safest to drive, cost less money to insure, and had the best features for me. Some sites offered many images and videos to help with making a choice. I chatted online with sales representatives who were eager to meet with me.

My Internet experiences I shared with you was just a small fraction of the many things I have done and still do online, but the book you are about to read will get into some more ways to best use the Internet and get the most out of each task you create for yourself and it all starts with good research! Tips are also presented in this guide.

When seated in front of your computer, browsing from one site to the next, you might sometimes feel like you are missing out on something, because you are stuck in routines, and you are. Every time you sit in front of your computer screen, you need to have some idea what you want to learn about, how long you are going to be online finding out about it, but also you have to have the discipline to know when to leave too. Don't overlook any opportunity online or off that might make your life a little less stressful. I sincerely hope this book, What Else Can I Do on the Internet by Nicholl McGuire, helps you get even more out of your Internet experiences!

Nicholl McGuire has written other books including: When Mothers Cry, Too Much Too Soon Internet Dating Blues, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, Say Goodbye to Dad, and other non-fiction books.


20 Things to Do with Your Time Right Now

Surfing the Internet can take up much of your time especially when you don't have any idea what you want to do online.  You might be bored, so here is a quick list of some things you can do now or might jog your memory to get meaningful tasks done.

1.  Plan out your work week include tasks you plan to accomplish.
2.  Sort your clothing and prepare your pieces for work/school.
3.  Search for a summer job or additional ways to boost your income.
4.  Call back people who reached out to you.
5.  Update your social media pages.
6.  Expand your existing network by searching for additional online connections.
7.  Play some cool games with family and friends.
8.  Make plans to visit your favorite people.
9.  Pen a letter and include photos, creations, etc. then send to those distant relatives who haven't heard from you in awhile. (Is someone's birthday coming up?)
10.  Work on hobbies.
11.  Research things you already do and look for ways to do them better.
12.  Organize messy rooms.
13.  Clean areas that have spots, stains, odors, etc.
14.  Apologize to someone you may have offended on or offline.
15.  If you have children, take them out for a walk, visit a play area, or do something different.
16.  Purchase a book, video or something you have been meaning to buy.
17.  Watch a favorite movie you haven't seen in a long time.
18.  If you are in a relationship, plan an outing together.
19.  Say "I love you" to someone.
20.  Read a wise book like the Bible and apply some of what you learn to your life.

Enjoy your day and have fun getting things done!

Nicholl McGuire



1. Game of Thrones
American fantasy TV series “Game of Thrones” doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, and Soho barbers aren’t an exception. You become a witness to events taking place on made-up continents of Westeros and Essos where different families fight for the Iron Throne. You will meet numerous characters and experience feelings of sympathy, hatred, admiration, and contempt towards them.

2. Sherlock
British TV show “Sherlock” is the modern version of good old detective stories about Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We become witnesses to unbelievable adventures of a consulting detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his friend Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman). Together they solve mysterious crimes and save innocent people from evil villains.

3. The Walking Dead
American TV show “The Walking Dead” is a very effective remedy for escaping the trap of boredom. At least, it glues Soho barbers to the TV screen and keeps them in tension! TV series take us to the post-apocalyptic world ruled by zombies where a few survivors try to adjust to new conditions and save their lives. Suddenly a battle with zombies turns into a battle with other people which are much more dangerous than zombies.

4. Peaky Blinders
“Peaky Blinders” is a historical TV series depicting events after World War I, which take place in Birmingham, London. You will see a story of Shelby family who created a dangerous gang called Peaky Blinders and became very powerful in the criminal world of England. The gang is run by the middle brother, Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphie), whose fortitude, confidence and blue eyes are unbelievable!

Viki Howell

Fun Cookout Party Ideas - Planning Cookout


53 Easy craft ideas for kids

This is the detail of 53 Easy craft ideas for kids. Thanks for checking out our video:
2. Take Twister outside.
Here’s how to do it yourselves.
3. Bring Scrabble to the pool.
The sponges will float! WITCHCRAFT/physics.
4. Turn a two-liter bottle into a DIY sprinkler.
Get the directions here. http://makingmemorieswithyourkids.blo...
5. Make art with things you guys find in nature.
Detail: http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/2010...
6. Starry summer nights.
Get the detail here. http://www.designmom.com/2012/05/diy-...
7. Feed the birds.
Detail: http://www.pinkpistachio.com/homemade...
8. DIY flip-flops.
The complete tutorial is here:
9. Make dinosaur tracks with flip-flops.
Get the details here. http://www.wineandglue.com/2012/09/di...
10. Make ice cream cone seed planters together.
from diyprojectnetwork.com
11. Or plant markers for a big garden.
Detail is here: http://www.thecraftycrow.net/2012/04/...
12. Mod Podge’d spoons.
Detail: http://domesticsimplicity.com/2011/04...
13. Magnetic games for long trips.
14. Temporary art with their toys.
Detail: http://blog.landofnod.com/honest-to-n...
15. Construct the most boss fort of all time.
16. The most rockin’ teepee from joannagoddard.
Detail direction is here:
17. Recycle things you already have into new buddies. milimbo.com
18. Race soap boats on hot days.
Here's how to do it: http://www.iheartnaptime.net/soap-boat/
19. Or turn pool noodles into race tracks from ramblingsfromutopia.
Detail is here: http://www.ramblingsfromutopia.com/20...
20. Pool noodles also make wicked fun wickets from innerchildfun.com
Detail is here: http://innerchildfun.com/2011/08/kick...
21. And obstacle courses from parents.com
Directions here http://www.parents.com/fun/activities...
22. And bike-washes.
Get detail on. http://lullabylubbock.blogspot.ca/201...
23. Have fun with food.
Tutorial is here http://shareandremember.blogspot.com/...
24. Frozen yogurt shapes using flexible molds
or ice cube trays.
Detail here http://www.meetthedubiens.com/search/...
25. Assamble kebabs.
Detail is: http://sumptuousspoonfuls.wordpress.c...
26. An outdoor tic-tac-toe board.
Detail: http://www.nwedible.com/2012/07/garde...
27. A toy rescue mission.
Here to get more details:

Next: this is 25 Of The Best Toddler Crafts For Little Hands.
1. Homemade Scented Play Dough
By lilsugar.
Detail: http://goo.gl/Bk5YUT
2. Handprint Fall Tree Craft.
Source: http://www.lilsugar.com/
3. Torn Paper Shape Collage.
Source: http://goo.gl/hkW6PX
4. Wooden Block Prints.
Source: http://goo.gl/IlBqIT
5. DIY Stamps.
Source: http://goo.gl/zi3KWr
6. Plastic Bead Suncatcher.
Source; http://goo.gl/ASCul
7. Negative Leaf Impressions.
8. Homemade Chalkboard Paint Wall Hanging.
Source: http://goo.gl/byrCuW
9. Poppy Painting.
Source: http://goo.gl/8CLnuL
10. Sand Painting Creation.
Source: http://goo.gl/EjwOHR
11. Sticker Paint Creation.
Source: http://goo.gl/YuGCrm
12. Paper Photo Frames
Photo by Anna Williams, courtesy of Martha Stewart Living
13. Bubble Wrap Paint Print.
14. Play Binoculars.
Source: http://goo.gl/MLyK3V
15. Fossil Cookies.
Photo by Simon Watson, courtesy of Martha Stewart Living:
Source: http://goo.gl/N1kmjD
16. Faux Stained Glass Window.
Source: http://goo.gl/3Em2aA
17. Cloud Dough.
Source: http://goo.gl/ub4Ol
18. Rolled Golf Ball Paint Craft.
Source: http://goo.gl/VGbjWc
19. Bubble Paint.
Source: http://goo.gl/RVo6p9
20. Comb-Painted Rainbows.
21. Spray Paint Craft.
Source: http://goo.gl/Iv0DOB
22. Edible Finger Food.
Source: http://goo.gl/gyhwdV
23. Acorn Cap Jewels.
Source: http://goo.gl/brpKSS
24. Colorful Apple Print Place Mats.
Secret: http://goo.gl/tTQSPW
25. Homemade Goop.
The secret is here: http://goo.gl/cO2ny
Other topics please check: at http://www.e-lite.net


Let's Take that Conversation Elsewhere...Why Talk Anymore on Facebook? Video Chat

You know you don't like everyone on Facebook and you know sometimes it can be difficult getting together offline with some of your favorite people.  So let's live chat with your crew all at the same time.  How about it?  Visit Blab today!
Social Network, Network, Video Phone, Skype, Internet



Have nothing to do and look for something to unwind? Watch a movie from our list! They are totally different but equally interesting!

1. The Intern
“The Intern” is an American movie telling us about a seventy-year-old Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) who is bored and tired of retirement. It makes him apply for an internship in a start-up company where Ben becomes a valuable PA of the company’s founder. This amazing movie has taught New York barbers to keep learning new skills and never cease to develop themselves as professionals.

2. Deadpool
American superhero film “Deadpool” is another brilliant screen adaptation of Marvel Comics. It is one of the best choices for getting rid of boredom because “Deadpool” isn’t a typical superhero movie! Prepare yourself for a lot of action, fighting, dirty jokes, sexually explicit scenes, and a nontypical superhero who teeters on the brink of good and bad.

3. The Hateful Eight
Boredom and Quentin Tarantino simply cannot co-exist, that’s why his western thriller “The Hateful Eight” is a very efficient way to stave off annoying boredom. This movie will take you to Minnie's Haberdashery where a few strangers hide from the blizzard and try to find a liar among them. New York barbers love watching this film over and over, so make an appointment to keep them busy!

4. Bridge of Spies
If you’re interested in history, then you will definitely love this one. “Bridge of Spies” is an American-German movie about an American lawyer defending a soviet spy and negotiating an exchange of captives with the Soviet Union. Events happen during the Cold War, and this film shows tension, which existed between the U.S. and the Soviet Union back then.

Viki Howell


5 Things You Might Want to Do Before You Become Bored with Someone or Something

Have you got a bit of time?  Good.  Just a friendly reminder to head off those future bored feelings sooner rather than later.  Consider the following five tips.

1.  Take a break from the activity.  From talking with someone to tending to a task, don't keep doing something until you tire of it.  Break frequently if you know you tend to get bored easily.

2.  Change up routines.  Starting to feel like you don't want to do anything more than what you already do weekend after weekend?  Well it might seem okay right now and so you go on with the typical, but in time you will bore.  Break up some of the same ole, same ole with new activities.

3.  Don't assume others might become bored of someone or something.  Take control of your own emotions when it comes to what might be potentially boring to you, but may not be for others.  You should never suggest they do something different when they haven't given you any indication that they want to.

4.  Plan your day so that you can get a variety of things done rather than just one.  This way you won't become bored with something important and then just abandon it altogether.

5.  If you know that you or others will be traveling somewhere and might get bored, plan in advance different things to do while on your trip.

Boredom is a state of mind.  Like with most things, when the mind is telling you it no longer wants to do something by shutting down, forgetting often, or not listening anymore to others, obey it and do something unique.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of What Else Can I Do on the Internet? and other books.


Boredom Can Produce Wealthy Ideas

One day I didn't have anything better to do than to click on links around the web, check out some websites, you know the typical stuff.  Then I came across some ways to make money and started clicking away.  I didn't want to participate in home parties, MLM, or other similar things to make extra money.  So I came across some individuals who had various ideas on investing money, so I listened.  Some invested in websites, others spent money on mutual funds, people bought collectibles, and more.  I knew I could afford less than $20 to start buying mutual funds.  I also had some money saved to buy a few collectibles too--something that I didn't even bother to think of at the time.  That was over a decade ago when I used a boring experience wisely.

Since then I have found all sorts of ways to make money around the web and I talk to people online as well as offline about some things.  The sites I list are legitimate.  They are easy and quick to join.  I have had no problems with any of these sites.  My personal experiences have been positive, otherwise I wouldn't recommend them.  So if you are a bit bored, want to try something different, and make money, then why not?


If you want to join use my invite link and get up to $600 for opening a new investing account.  Capital One 360


I create books.  To keep costs down, I do much of the work myself.  Here is a starting place if you have a DVD, CD, book or ebook idea Createspace  As you can see the products are quality, Nicholl McGuire Media. Createspace expands your distribution if you give permission.

When I am done using items or they are no longer beneficial to my family, I post on Ebay and Craigslist.

I partnered with Amazon to sell personal items as well as become an affiliate marketer.  This is one of a few sites I put together, The Great Gift World.

Videos, Surveys, Searches and Games

Fun ways to make money

Make money taking surveys, games and reading e-mails

Get paid to tweet messages

Online surveys

More simple ways to make money while sitting at the doctor's office, waiting in line, etc.

Nicholl McGuire shares periodic tips about home business and other useful things on her blog.


Not Working, Irritable, Tired of Routines...You're Bored

It happens.  You just don't feel like talking to the same people, doing the same things and even worse, you have no job.  But don't stress, everyone gets bored sometimes with life, so here is what you could do to help you feel content again.

1.  Get outdoors.  If it is nothing more than a simple walk around the neighborhood.  Sometimes when you remove yourself out of your home you feel refreshed.
2.  Listen to some good music.  It might have been awhile since you hear some cool tunes to uplift your spirits.
3.  Find a place within your home and redecorate or rearrange the furniture.  This move can help inspire you to do some different things.
4.  Don't be afraid to change the way you do things during the day.  Write a list of all the things you typically do, notice what time you do them, and see if you make changes or add something you have been wanting to do but didn't think you had the time--make the time!
5.  Purchase a new book based on your interests.  When I came up with What Else Can I Do on the Internet by Nicholl McGuire?  I had people in mind who were simply bored with their Internet routines.
6.  Check out a movie away from home with a friend.  Sometimes staying at home watching movies can be a bore.
7.  Notice how you feel.  Is there a pattern in your behaviors?  Has a relative or friend observed a change in you that is unflattering?  Consider making an appointment with a doctor, treating yourself to a new hairstyle, exercising, eating healthy, and doing other things that make you feel better not only o the outside, but inside too.

Sometimes we don't think about some obvious things we can do when we are bored because we simply don't bother to think beyond our situations.  So stay positive and work to make your life more fulfilling again.

Nicholl McGuire inspirational speaker and author and blog owner.


Something for the kids || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 168 & 169 HD

Jurassic World The Game - Strongest Creature

Strongest Amphibian - Jurassic World The Game


We Share Links About One of the Most Popular Subjects - Money

Sometimes you  have the kind of money problems that leave you frustrated, impatient and all-too-ready to do something crazy.  But no fuss, take it easy.  Make whatever arrangements you need to make with those you owe and then start looking for ways to make that needed extra cash.  Check out this Twitter page and follow today.  We give you practical advice on how to make money around the web and elsewhere.  If you're bored, why not make some money?  Enjoy. Cash Business Now


10 People You Won't Believe Exist

Strange people are everywhere, but who's judging?  Feel free to subscribe this blog for more interesting content to keep those feelings of boredom at bay.


5 Things You Can Do Now that Your Future Self will Most Appreciate

You will want to do at least a few of these things so that you won't be kicking yourself later because you didn't do them or forgot you had just one more thing to do.  Hope this simple list triggers some thoughts.

1.  Take a moment to organize.

The Organizer - a blog a part of the Nicholl McGuire Media collection that focuses on many simplistic, do-it-yourself organizing projects.

2.  Put stuff away.

Clean your room - Useful tips by Melissa Maker

3.  Perform research tasks.

Whether it is a paper you have to write or a test you need to study for, you might need to do some research tasks.  Here are some ways to obtain information other than scrolling all day on the 'Net.  Research methods by StatPac

4.  Catch up on email.

Before you tackle your in-box, here are some tips to get through them quickly. See here.

5.  Do some comparison shopping before you leave the house.

Don't rely on your favorite stores to give you the best price on something you need.  Check sites like this first. Shopzilla.

Nicholl McGuire shares more useful insight on her blog and you can connect with her on Facebook.

Listen to Messages for the Soul
on Your Listen with Nicholl McGuire

I Know You're Bored But "Wait for the Ring" by P-Dub

Check out more music suggestions.


5 Popular Teen Books - Bored Read Fiction Books

Five exciting novels that will make you forget about time...

Modern society dictates new rules of life. Children tend to play video games and spend time in social networks. Reading a book became something boring and uninteresting, no matter how strange it may sound.  But when you are tired of computer and TV or simply don’t have a possibility to watch them, what should you do? The answer is easy – read a book! Here are five marvelous books for teenagers.

#1 The Hunger Games
It is a book series consists of three parts. Each of them describes adventures of main heroine in the future. It is a great example of dystopia and it's consequences. Films were also made on these books and even if you have already watched it, trust us, books are much better! And if you are fond of Jennifer Lawrence new haircut, you can visit http://lerevehairsalon.com/ and look just like her.

#2 Divergent
Similar to Hunger Games, Divergent has post apocalyptic plot with a mixture of dystopia. This story also has three separate books and is often compared to Hunger Games by critics. Here we have beautiful love story between two main heroes that attracts mainly female readers.

#3 Harry Potter
This book, probably, should be on the first place in our list, nevertheless this amazing story captured millions of children`s hearts all over the world. If you have not read it yet, you`d better start right now. Words are not necessary here, just read and enjoy.

#4 Twilight 
This Saga made a lot of noise last years. Charming love story of school girl and vampire make everyone cry and laugh, while reading. If you live in a small town and your life lacks bright paints, this book is for you.

#5 The Fifth Wave
Hot bestseller of 2016 rapidly gains reader's hearts. Science fiction novel tells us a story about aliens, apocalypse and a little bit of love. You still can watch film, shoot on this book in your nearest cinema and compare it with a book.

List provided by http://lerevehairsalon.com/ 
Check out great hairstyling products and hair services.


Looking for Guest Bloggers, Videomakers, and Others Who Do Useful Things with Their Time

If you have some interesting things you do when you're bored and don't mind sharing them, then we would like to hear from you.  Our audience varies from tweens to adults seeking information around the web about what to do when bored.  Send your links and other practical advice to nichollmcguire@gmail.com to gain more exposure.


Write a rap. Royalty (made with Spreaker)


Kids Bored or How About Mom is Bored -Cleans House All Day - Supernanny US

There is a lot involved with parenting children, but there are also those times when as a parent you want to run from them and the daily chores, but there is no where to go.  So you find something in the home to do even if your mind and body tells you to rest or "Go play with the kids."

In the above video, kids are bored, but mom is too.  Not everyone is equipped or content with parenthood especially when it has replaced career, dating a mate, buying fun stuff, etc.  What you see in this video is a woman surviving.  Her mind is staying on top of an environment that simply put, she is growing weary of.  It is a gradual process to go from stay home mom to career mom, but once the metamorphosis is complete, she will be quite happy wherever she ends up just so long as it isn't the same ole, same ole.  Meanwhile, the children will be much happier in an environment that is conducive to learning and having fun.  Sometimes moms and children just need time apart and partners have to step up to the plate to make that happen if they want to keep their families intact.

See When Mothers Cry http://whenmotherscry.blogspot.com

Nicholl McGuire


Messages for the Soul - Your Listen Radio Podcast with Nicholl McGuire, Host

Messages for men with women related problems and more from a spiritual perspective. http://www.yourlisten.com/nichollmcguire

Bored? Spring Clean Your Computer


What Else Can I Do on the Internet? Idea Generating Book

Take your current Internet routine to a whole new level with a informative guide entitled, What Else Can I Do on the Internet? by Nicholl McGuire.  Just when you think you know as much as you need to know about the Internet along comes yet another and another new invention, website, app and more.  How can you stay on top of it all and how do you know whether something is indeed useful to your lifestyle?  This practical guide inspires you to search for things you may not have thought of, seek out new ways to do things you often do, and inspires you to create stuff that might add to your wealth or save you both time and money.  The sky is the limit!
What Else Can I Do on the Internet? by Nicholl McGuire

This book is written for novice as well as mature users in a comprehensive writing style.  You may know of someone stuck in a boring routine or might want to spice up one's Internet experiences.  Send that person a copy.  This inexpensive guide jam-packed with much interesting information, you just might be on the Internet for a long time!  Have this handy printed book placed right next to the computer for quick reference.  Order your copy today!  What Else Can I Do on the Internet? written by Nicholl McGuire


Bored? Just Pray.

Doesn't matter how many times in a day, where you are, who you are with or how long, just pray. -- Nicholl McGuire, Speaker


Mardi Gras Season - Parties and More Parties until Feb 9 - Fat Tuesday

Be creative, have a good time creating your own Mardi Gras theme event, or attend someone else's, but when do you turn down invites?  Do you have some personal standards when it comes to what you will and won't do when it comes to holiday celebrations?

One of the issues that many young people face at many events is not knowing how to respond to the alcoholics who are pushy when it comes to drinking to get drunk like them.  Others have difficulty saying, "No" to drugs despite all the school campaigns that speak against the use of them.  Instead, some will give into temptation and forever change their minds, bodies and relationships they have with others negatively.

I think of the generations of those who came before me who just couldn't sit out a few parties that they knew full well who was going to be there and what they represented despite being mere children when they first got started partying or supposedly mature adults looking to sow their oats.  I also ponder on the young females I had to speak to and one friend I had to save from getting raped after seeing her stumbling home from a party.

Value yourself, your life, and think of those who care about your safety and if you are old enough to drink, do so responsibly.  There are some police officers that would love to increase their bonus checks on one's arrest.

For those who are in doubt about attending future family related events like: weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, graduations, club rituals, etc., check out my book Should I Go to the Party?   This helpful, thought-provoking guide is written for the young as well as the mature reader.  Thanks in advance for your support!


Children are Rarely Ever Bored - Interesting Stuff They Do

Recreate a scene from Jurassic Park using their Legos and other toys.

Play some ball.

Visit the library, sightsee around town and pose with statues.

Stare at inspiring things and be motivated to build once at home.

Visit City Hall, take a tour, meet representatives, and voice concerns.

Part of getting over boredom is teaching children how to snap out of it
especially during school breaks and weekends.


Bored with Media and Technology

Looking at staged photos of politicians, photo edited faces and bodies of celebrities, and other useless things on the Internet, I get bored.  It is just fruitless after awhile.  "What more do I need to see?" Usually the answer is, "You don't."  The Spirit within suggests, "Go do something else.  Get out a bit."

All the information, games, apps, videos, music, and more the Internet has to offer and yet one can still become bored.  Maybe the feeling shouldn't be described as boredom, but weariness.  All the stuff can be so draining on your emotions.

Media is boring when it isn't decorated up with fun photographs, charts, graphs, people wearing make up, and more.  I recall those times when news was simply a man talking, a corny backdrop and that was it.  My parents remember the times when shows were in black and white.  My late grandmother told me of times when radio was popular.  We all enjoyed times together before there were cell phones, home computers and laptops, gaming systems, microwaves, bagless vacuums, portable drinks that come in pouches, fax machines, and cable TV.  But we managed, there were plenty of other things to do like participate in outdoor activities, do chores, and talk to people whether you knew them or not.  We didn't waste nearly as much time as people do nowadays simply Internet surfing.  However, in time as more and more people bought television, VCRs and DVDs, the hours started to increase when it came to television watching.  This of course is still occurring with many of my elders sometimes from sun up to sun down watching TV.

Media has really evolved, but too much of anything isn't good.  There is only so much your eyes, fingers and neck can take.  I notice people have back, head, neck, and wrist issues because of all their media watching and working on portable devices.

Unanticipated boredom with media and technology is indeed a blessing in disguise.  It sends a message, "You have had enough, now go do something else."

Nicholl McGuire, Blog Owner


On Shopping While Bored

Sometimes I would dread the weekends, because I knew that is when I would spend the most money on things I really didn't need.  I would visit stores going into every aisle hoping to find some great buy simply because I was bored.  However, the only things I ended up with was more of the same-- something that I could have possibly got a better deal had I waited and used a coupon.

Being bored will cost you money!  That's why seeking ideas on this site and others to keep you out of the poor house and boredom away is the best solution!  Think of how many people spent money in divorce court because they were bored with a partner or how many people signed up for some costly membership with companies because they were bored.

When you make enough mistakes with spending your money on any number of silly things or make decisions that you think are cost-saving but really are not, you begin to learn how to save better.  I provide tips in a shopping guide to help you make purchases when things are in season and not just because you want them.  Business owners, merchandisers, wholesalers, and more know when we like to shop and they also pay close attention to season changes.  If you aren't that watchful when it comes to when things go on sale, you are most likely spending far too much money each year on your goods.

Let me help you save some money year round!  I took the knowledge I received via observation, wise counsel from some of the best shoppers I know, as well as business insight learned during one of the most popular times of the year Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas to help you save during other holiday seasons like Valentines Day, President's Day, and others.  Don't miss out on this easy read packed with practical tips at a discount for a limited time.  Use coupon code WG56J  Black Friday Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round

RSS Feed Directory - Search and read RSS Feeds without any RSS reader.

Cash Crate

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