ADD - Got The Day-to-Day Boredom Blues?

ADD people are bored very easily, as you well know if you have ADD. People call us lazy, but it's not that. We'll put tremendous effort into things that matter to us, and that we enjoy. But how exciting is washing dishes or cleaning up a mess of stuff? Not very and it just doesn't happen. We learn to live with our messes.

Am I right? The dishes could be overflowing the sink, and the dust in the house might be forming little clumps that are starting to resemble small animals. They're scaring your cat. Oh, and then, there's the floor, littered with all matter of elements--rock, paper, hedge clippers, whatever. It's just a mess! And you look at that stuff, and say to yourself, "I'll get to that later," and you never do. Your ADD never allows it.

Nobody has to live that way, of course. And you can't allow it to go on indefinitely or the health department will come by and tack a "condemned" sign on your door. The stuff has to be done, no matter how much your ADD brain doesn't want to do it. But there's a way to do it painlessly. And it's so simple that you'll laugh when you read it, but it works. Really.

Here's what you can do...

Maybe you're going to pick up that stuff on the floor and actually put the hedge clippers in the garage. You really didn't need them to open that wireless mouse package, but they make it so hard! Well, OK... Get out your iPod or your CD player or turn on the Sirius, whatever, and then, crank it up. Really hear it. Then, get your nose involved. Light some incense or a scented candle that you like. And now, your sense of taste. Try some sugarless gum or hard candy while you're cleaning up. Your eyes and hands are already involved, so that will have all your senses involved and your ADD brain is less likely to balk.

You can get some added benefit by wearing something you like. What do you enjoy doing when you aren't working? Whatever that is, if it's playing football, put on the gear while you're straightening up around the house. You'll be amazed at how well this stuff works.

And you're set. You'll be dancing around, smelling good smells instead of last week's laundry, wearing something that makes you feel good, and just generally getting things done. ADD brains do get bored pretty easily, so it's important to keep it occupied. If you get really good at this, you might start to enjoy the chores you hate to do. You never know... ADD brains just need to be involved all the time. Give every sense something to do and your place will be clean and orderly. Or, if this doesn't work... hire someone to do these things for you, if you can afford it. One way or another, the stuff has to be done. Make it as easy for yourself as possible.

Tellman Knudson is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. Subscribe to his Free weekly ADD Success Tips newsletter and take the ADD test when you visit Instant ADD Success at

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